Friday, 18 December 2009

"Don't You Know Who I Am?"

Ginger Minger Vera Baird

Seems our semi-elected "Lords and Masters" definitely think they are above the laws that they are so keen to impose on us little folk who pay for their gilded gravy train.

Not only do we have an Attorney General breaking employment and tax law with impunity, we have a Solicitor General who is too high and mighty to clear up after her fucking dog.

Looks like the whole Ministry of Justice is a total joke, with the Chief Weasel in charge it is hardly a surprise.

The Penguin


Ron Broxted-McEgan-Steed said...

"As a key member of left-wing barrister Michael Mansfield’s chambers since 1986, Mrs Baird took part in key civil liberties cases."

What a fucking cunt !

Animal Magic said...

Poor Lady MP! I think I shall send her a parcel full of my dog's excretions to make up for not being able to pick up her own dogs.

Anonymous said...

People like this c*** are attracted to law and government the way paedos are attracted to schools - and government.

She should have had her nose rubbed in it for punishment.

microdave said...

"Don't You Know Who I Am?"

To which the correct answer is: "No, And I Don't Give A Fuck!"

Leg-iron said...

That face is proof that if there is a God, he sometimes gets pissed at work.

The British Transport police apologised, apparently. For attempting to do their job enforcing the laws that the likes of this boot-faced harridan devise.

We should send some Greens round to eat her dog.

dusty miller said...

" Do you know who I am !!! ?"

I only ever got asked this once by some fuckwit when I was in the mob. I couldn't believe my luck as I only had a few months left and was on guard duty and didn't give a fuck.
I turned to my corporal and said "Smith check this mans pockets for a wallet with some ID. He doesn't know who he is "

banned said...

Typical power crazed politico fuckwit.
Have a shitty Xmas, cunt.

Laurence said...

Leg: that's not correct that's a face that God wrongly assigned on a Friday afternoon.

It was actually intended for one of Richmal Crompton's "Outlaws" but when they turned out to be fictional, it was allocated to the boy in the Rowntree commercial, made immortal by his tag-line "Don't forget the Fruitgums, Mum".

The youthful original also came with a school cap whose absence now is what leads to understandable confusion.

Anonymous said...

I always love it when one of those self important cunts goes 'Don't you know who I am'. Just demonstrates what pieces of shite they really are.M'mm a lawbreaker in charge of law - how very Nu Labour. Hat's off to the PCSO.

Biffo said...


Typical! BTW I put a link to this post on Tom Harris' blog. Hopefully, it will get back to the unlovely Vera herself.

Les freres Barclay said...

You have a faux Ron Broxted, I suggest you get rid of him.