Friday, 15 April 2011

Save Some Money

Liam Fox could save a good few quid with bugger-all downside by sacking the top echelons of the brylcreem brigade. Especially any one involved in the cluster-fuck "Typhoon Project" which has been such an inspiring example of mis-management it'll probably be in textbooks.

Not only behind project and vastly over-budget, the fuckwits didn't even know what they wanted the aeroplane to do. They spend massive amounts not in the original spec to equip it for air-to-ground attack in 2004, but then didn't bother training the pilots.

On March 9th Air Vice Marshal Stephen Hillier told the Public Accounts Committee thatthe RAF saw no reason to spend money giving Typhoon pilots “skills that we do not expect to deploy in operations”. 

On March 19th  the RAF deployed Typhoons to the Libya "engagement" and hastily rigged up one to bomb a tank the day before the PAC report came out.

Biggles is spinning in his grave.

The Penguin


Major Military Cockup (Ret'd) said...

Since "Her Majesty's Forces" seem to belong to Her Majesty, perhaps your request should be addressed to Buck House SW1. These clowns have to be accountable to somebody, shirley??

smudger said...

I wouldn't blame the RAF. They had the Tornado GR4 as a bomber and Typhoon as the Fighter. Dave decided to scrap the Tornados so now there were no bombers. Oh and he went and invaded Libya at the same time.
The RAF would have been happy to have the Typhoon fighter and bomber variants but the cutbacks robbed them of that option.
We now have an ad hoc clusterfuck of Typhoons being rushed into a refit as a bomber while the Tornado bombers are in a see saw of will we or won't we scrap them. Typical Tories.

Anonymous said...

the MoD is totally unaccountable to the British public. They can do what the fuck they like.

And we have to pay for it

There's something very wrong with our constitution