Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gagging Order's The Right Name!

"Alice Miles has been a columnist at The Times since 1999.
After graduating from Southampton University she joined the Mail on Sunday as a trainee. Since then she has qualified as a barrister, been a political reporter for the Evening Standard and chief leader writer for the Express.
Alice lives in London and has a young daughter."

"Marr lives in East Sheen, London, with his wife, the political journalist Jackie Ashley of The Guardian, whom he married in August 1987 in Surrey. She is a daughter of the Labour life peer Lord Ashley of Stoke. The couple have a son and two daughters. "

I think I'd be inclined to gag if I had to shag that.

Mind you, if the child is not old Jug Ear's, then who was he sharing little Alice with? Or perhaps he was just a team player?

I wonder if he's asked for all those maintenance payments to be returned?

The Penguin


killemallletgodsortemout said...

The brass-necked, jug-eared, hypocritical cunt.

Anonymous said...

Christ almost bad enough to make me bat for the other team. I said almost! Salv

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Now, that's a little unfair, since the older you get, the more everything drops off or falls south! And plastic surgery can only do so much...

Dick the Prick said...

The dumb fuck has gone and torpedoed his career, hopefully. But i'm yet to be convinced that Jackie Ashley isn't a bloke and Miles would be doable with a decent amount of cooking sherry.

Has he de-gagged himself to piss Miles off - all very well Hislop banging on about it but...Anyway, fuck 'em (err..but not in that way, natch)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha can you imagine the look on the face of that hag wife of his when she found out that he'd not only been knobbing someone else, but he was paying for the cuckoo in the nest?

Miles is no oil painting and her daughter will grow up to know that her mother wasn't exactly Mother Theresa.

Ryan Giggs said...

Well that cats well and truly out of the bag.

But you'll never find out it was me that shagged that bird from Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

the royal family can do better than this - that's why we love 'em so much - apparently

the uk is fallen into the shit and these talentless scum are the evidence