Friday, 15 April 2011

A Cautionary Tale

If any of you have not yet read it, there's a cautionary tale over at the Raccoon Arms.

The Penguin


Ciaran Rehill said...

And the lesson learned here ?

Glibertarians are just a bunch of untrustworthy, paranoid, delusional loony-tunes..

I'm glad I voted BNP.

Quiet_Man said...

Oh yeah Ciaran, voting for a socialist party was really the way to go. BNP are just racist Labour, it's even how they advertise themselves these days, "The Labour Party your grandparents would have voted for"
Look where Labour has got us in the last 13 or so years.

Anonymous said...

That is not Ciaran Rehill the IP address is the same as nonce
Derek G Haslam
9 Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38, 0HU.

Anonymous said...

Quiet Man it is Ciaran Rehill, I know him from prison when he was on remand for abusing children. He is a scum bag and a filthy nonce. He has a long history of mental illness. The Sun know all about him.