Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Baden Powell Spinning In His Grave

"Hands Up If You've Got The Condom Badge!"

Shame they can't link him up to the National Grid, he'd probably power a small town.

Did Dib, Dob Dob,
Put the Johnny
On Your Knob!

The Penguin


banned said...

Loads of fun for Scout Masters providing practical help and assistance.

I was in the Scouts for years but didn't need them to tell me about the birds and bees, nor condoms. We relied on proper scources of information like the milkman (for those who did a milk round, now sadly illegal), friends or their older brothers if they didn't know themselves.

Nobody I knew got anyone pregnant 'by mistake' and I didn't know any 'accidental mums' till I started mixing with the lower orders in my twenties (they don't do Scouts btw).

Captain Haddock said...

I never reached the dizzy heights of the Scouts ..

At the tender age of eight, I was drummed out of the Cubs, for flushing Danny Harkins's cub cap down the bog ("Arkwailer" was not impressed) after he'd seriously pissed me off ..

Poor old Danny had a cold head & I had to wait until I was twelve & could join the Royal Marine Cadets ..

Much more like fun ... ;)

microdave said...

The first 2 links are dead.
As to uses for a condom, I remember a motorcycle magazine suggesting they could hold something like half a gallon of petrol....

Anonymous said...

It would probably make more sense to give the advice to Girl Guides - from my own recollection, they all used to bang like a shit-house door in a gale.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Well, I was neither in the Scouts or the Girl Guides, which probably says a lot.

A Public Service Announcer said...


The scouts chez Electro Kev need your urgent assistance. His bunny ears appear to have gone missing or something.