Friday, 23 September 2011

Our Reporter Made His Excuses And Left

Not So Funny When It's You?

"Last night, when asked about the News International payments, Mr Wallis’s solicitor issued a statement alleging that information about his client had been leaked by Scotland Yard.

Phil Smith of Tuckers Solicitors said: “I confirm that we have today complained formally to The Metropolitan Police over the leaking of information from Operation Weeting to The Daily Telegraph.

“We object to the publication of any story based on this information which has been obtained from a source with no authority to place such information in the public domain. We will be pursuing this matter further.”"

Funny thing, that - the scumbag journalist and his legal team objecting to stories in the press resulting from leaked information....

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

Ahhh ..

The delicious irony of the biter being bit ..

Anonymous said...

The biter bit? This must be the benchmark example::

Mad Morgan

Ciaran Rehill said...

De web site of dat Ras-Claart 'Max Farquar' 'as bin hacked by me Mooslim bredrin from Bangladesh.... Jah !!

Ooooh Matron ! Free Tibet !

And free internet acces for fat unemployed 50-year old losers like me.