Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fuckwit Jobsworth Of The Week

"I'm Disappointed, She Was Guilty And Should Have Been Hung Drawn and Quartered!"

Congratulations to Councillor Clyde Loakes, Waltham Forest Council Cabinet Member for Environment, who still can't see common sense despite getting a severe kicking from a Crown Court Judge for wasting £15,000 on a pointless prosecution over the re-use of a cardboard box.

You Fuckwit!

The Penguin


Werdna Retral said...

should be 'hanged drawn and quartered'

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Clyde Loakes clearly owes his intellectual development to his parents. He's a congenital idiot.

The Loakes gene, as it's now known, makes you ginger and a bit slow. Naturally enough, this bonds strongly to the Labour allele, producing a humanoid creature resembling Man but severely constrained by its inability to behave like one.

TBH, if you fly-tip in Waltham Forest you're doing the place a favour. It's a shithole.

Joe Public said...

It's tempting to print-off an Invoice to Waltham Forest Council; attach it to a box; and, 'find' that box near the Council's offices.

I wonder which section of LBWF would prosecute which other section of LBWF?

Get Smart said...

He's from the Liebour party what do you except. But I'm sure this case only went to court because the lady in question refused to accept an on the spot fine.

banned said...

It's already too late.
Two years ago I had some difficulty persuading local shops (whose staff knew me well)to give me disused cardboard boxes when moving house for exactly this reason.

Perhaps the Councillor was worried in case that stupid law fell into disuse and a piece of his petty power withered away.

Has this set a Precident?

banned said...

Precedent :)

Captain Haddock said...

"Clyde" ?

Tells me all I need to know ..

His parents obviously have an affinity with Orang-Utans ..

Anonymous said...

"The Loakes gene, as it's now known, makes you ginger and a bit slow", And everyone knows that gingers don't have souls.

Anonymous said...

This Council arsehole is clearly a cock of the highest order.