Saturday, 17 September 2011

Another Self-Inflicted PR Disaster For The Met

Fuck me, will they never learn?

Not content with shooting innocent electricians because they were a tad sun-tanned, or brutally knocking down passing drunks, or lying their heads off about the circumstances in which some gangsta got himself shot and thereby causing the odd riot, the knobheads in blue have decided that they'll try and use the Official Secrets Act against journos at the Grauniad to find out who had the temerity to leak information about their completely crap non-investigation into the NoTW phone-hacking.

Did no-one think to say, "Guv, don't do it, the non-Murdoch press will crucify us!"

You'd think the new head boy would be keen to make a good start to his tenure - which he'd never have had if the storm of revulsion over the hacking revelations and anger over the lack of proper investigation had not forced some of the fat bastards at the top to "resign" and enjoy their pensions.

The Penguin

PS I was right.

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General E Disgusting said...

Having been crowing vociferously at their success in getting the NotW closed down, it is quite amusing to see Watson and the other lefty gasbags get themselves righteously steamed up when the boot is on the other foot and investigations begin into their beloved socialism spouting Grauniad whose staff were also very likely guilty of the same criminal behaviour.

PS: When does the investigation into the BBC start as well?