Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Win Win, Mr Cameron - Just Do It!!

An Overpaid Trendy Cunt

Here's an easy one, Dave - abolish the BBC Licence Fee.

It'll put money back into the hands of taxpayers without any crap about only benefitting millionaires, and without distorting other taxes.

And it will make the feather-bedded cunts at the BBC live in the real world.

They hate you anyway, so you've fuck all to lose. Just Do It.

The Penguin


Billy Blofeld said...

It would be great to see BBC types having to survive in the real world....

.... rather than look for a job or create a TV company that earned it's own way, they'd put on a stupid woolly hat (no matter the weather) and become full time artist-benefit scroungers moaning about cultural rape and other such gob-shite.

Anonymous said...

You are right. He does look like steve jobs