Sunday, 20 June 2010

Goodbye, And Good Riddance

Tom McNulty, who may now have to work for a living.

Some excellent news this morning, the over-paid and ineffective Mrs McNulty is effectively being sacked as head of OFSTED.

I do hope the troughing McNulty's managed to squirrel away enough money that they won't have to claim benefits.

Or maybe not.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

They can always move in with his parents - the 'second home' he claimed for - and rent out wherever they're living. Or they could both just get jobs? M'mm CV - 'failed Labour Minister - forced to quit because of financial mishandling' - probably cheaper to just employ an ordinary chav tealeave.
Hope he was nice to people on the way up because he'll be meeting those same people on the way down.

Captain Haddock said...

Hee hee ..

Couldn't have happened to two nicer people ..

Troughing shit-bags ...

Anonymous said...

McNulty's mother could open up her vagina for supertankers and his father could offer up his wrinkled potato farmer penis through glory holes in order to make end meet.

McNulty, being bereft of any marketable skills, will have to pimp out that flabby, bingo-winged excuse for a wife he has. I don't know anyone sick enough to touch it with a penis, but I'd give him £15 to take a dump in her mouth.

Fenian parasite effluvium.