Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bercow Chooses His Coconut Chaplain

"Bless This House, Rice and Peas!"

Never mind the fact that Diane Abbott has only a snowballs of getting annointed as Nu-Liebore Leaderene, or that some other stupid black racist politician now has a criminal record for calling another stupid brown politian a coconut, the "stupid sanctimonious dwarf" Pip-Squeaker has done his bit for political correctness in appointing the new chaplain to Parliament.

Being a woman and black she ticks more boxes than the other candidates. What a shame she isn't a lesbian, that must surely damage her prospects of making it to bishop any time in the next hundred years.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Why does the Speaker have a chaplain?

Anonymous said...

Or try single parent, disabled, lesbian, black, team leader of the puppet collective co-operative.

KBW said...

(a) The Speaker is a Jew so he should really have a rabbi.
(b) I don't believe that ugly monkey in the dog collar is a woman. If so she/he/it is definitely a hermaphrodite!

Peperbarmi said...

Hahahahaha Coconut!,I always find that word funny,like Mango hehehe,bit of a cheap shot on your part though,of course when a darkie bags a high profile position some fuckers are always gonna snipe FIX.

Interesting post though,the name calling as I understand it is to infer that a darkie has crossed a cultural divide and on the outside are of a black culture while on the inside they desire to be accepted by others as belonging to the white culture,bit fucking weird considering the world is so small nowadays.Is Lewis Hamilton a coconut?,nah.

Personally I could`nt give a fuck what color her skin is,she seems genuine enough,she applied for the job and believes she got it on merit,as she`s a Rev I`m inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt,no doubt she`s done far more good things in her life than I have,due to me being a bit of a cunt who dont really give a fuck.

Your lumping a woman of the cloth with a couple of fucknugget politicians solely on the color of her skin,yeah a lot of people do that,let me ask you,I guess your white like me,do you class yourself as the same as some white fucknuggets cause I dont,some of em I would`nt piss on if they were on fire,maybe she`ll help our cunting political classes develop a conscience and some pride in our still mainly christian culture,what do you think?.

Nice wiv rice n peas!

opsimath said...

Ought she not to have at least one leg amputated? Or will this be close enough for the diversity nuts, coco or otherwise?

Captain Haddock said...

Who cares anyway ?

The vast majority of the voting public will never see this cleric, hear this cleric or be aware of what this cleric actually does ..

The whole thing is totally irrelevant ...

As, incidentally is the twat who appointed her ..

Woman on a Raft said...

If it turns out she is a Christian (a proper CoE one) then that's all the qualification she needs. She'll still be ticking more relevant boxes than the Arch Druid.

You are cordially reminded that both John Sentamu and Bishop Nazir-Ali are fondly regarded by the wider CoE community, especially the more traditional members. They are both dusky gentlemen. I doubt her colour had anything to do with her appointment, but there is a chance that her gender might have.

She's a tad trendy, but she had a calling at age 14 and followed it, despite the fact that neither her face nor her skin fitted. This is her interviewed in 2008 about her work in Hackney:

Hudson-Wilkin is now settled and absorbed in her ministry where, typically, amid the inner-city problems of Hackney, she sees “shoots of hope”. But it’s still an environment in which “schools accept the unacceptable”, Whitehall passes “unrealistic laws that are a licence to kill in a community like mine” and many lives lack structured ambition.

“We need to reclaim our children and the sense of adults being parents to the whole community. We need to reaffirm the role of men and engage with children but not negotiate over their discipline.”

Her tough-love programme extends to the issue of knife crime which has accounted for 17 teenage deaths this year in the capital (one of those in Hackney). “I would take the offenders to a morgue to make the connection that death is the end result,” she says.

She's a tad gormless if she really thinks that trips to the morgue would deter anyone, but optimism and compassion are no bad things in a chaplain.

At the very least, she has spent more real time in Hackney than Diane Abbott does and would definitely make a better MP as she has been known to raise money rather than just claim it on expenses.

I say, give her a chance.

Anonymous said...

The Speaker is a Jew so he should really have a rabbi.

He should really have a Kapo.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'd prefer it if the cunt had a coronary.