Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Todd's World

The world according to Congressman Todd Akin of Dimwit, Missouri, must be a wonderfully strange place.

Some of his views include:

You can't get pregnant if you are raped properly.
You might get pregnant if you are not properly raped.
You won't get raped if you are properly pregnant.
You will get properly shafted if you vote for a pregnant Democrat.
You will go straight to hell, pregnant or not, if you vote for a black Democrat.
Iran is one of the axes of evil.
George W. Bush never got pregnant from raping America.
You can rape some of the people all of the time and they will still vote for you.
My tax returns are none of your Goddam business.

Meanwhile "Gorgeous" George Galloway has declared that Congressman Akin merely forgot the correct etiquette, and he'll do much better next time he makes an extra insertion without asking.

The Penguin


Arthur Watt said...

That happens to be true. This mentally retarded internet troll is currently circulated on the PNC as wanted for failing to pay his £300 fine imposed in North London and numerous other offences including internet stalking, racism and P/Order whilst demonstrating with the British Infidels against Muslims in Luton and Bradford. also under the sexual offences act, one being naming the victims in rape cases and in particular the victim of The Ched Evans case. At present this low life and part time D/dealer is hanging out in Co Cavan Ireland...RAAD take notice.

Ciaran Joseph Goggins said...

Sad but true.