Sunday, 6 February 2011

Total Policing?

£50,000 For This? It's Not Even A Pickled Fish, For Fuck's Sake!!

Northumberland's Police Farce continue to cover themselves in glory.

They have just spent an eye-watering £27 MILLION on a shiny new headquarters building, and added insult to injury by installing a crass piece of "art" with the fuckwit title of "Total Policing" at a cost of £50,000 while they are trying to get 450 voluntary redundancies amongst the staff.

This is the very same Plod Squad whose recent exploits have included the Rolly Mole Manhunt, a copper banged up for raping women in custody, and running over and killing pedestrians before insulting them.

The Penguin


Leg-iron said...

Oh, but its artistic merit is obvious.

It represents a bullet passing through the bone of a skull.

That's 'total policing'.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I thought it was an artistic interpretation of a prolapsed arsehole, complete with clingon.

Dedicated to the members of ACPO Plc, perhaps?

Captain Haddock said...

I think its a silver testicle & its there so that Inspector Knacker can slide out from behind his desk to go and .. well, "inspect" it from time to time ..

Beats nicking villains .. eh ?

Sres said...

Isn't it written into PFI that 1% of the budget must be spent on public artworks?

Sure I read that somewhere.

So I am informed said...

It's called Ringing the Changes.

travellingsalesman said...

I think it looks like an all-seeing eye, like the one in Lord of the Rings.
Obviously the common-or-garden rozzers are the dark riders.