Saturday, 5 February 2011

Another Triumph For The UK Borders Agency

Sack The Useless Bitch

Ignoring for now the many murders committed by criminals who are out on bail awaiting trial when they should be in custody (maybe Ken Clarke could accommodate them at one of his homes if there's no room in prison?) what about the fucking useless performance of the unfit-for-purpose clusterfuck imaginatively called the UK Borders Agency?

We might as well sack them all and save a few quid. Or in the case of the imbecile in charge, quite a few quid.

There's evidence a plenty of how crap they are. Here's another case. This piece of shit, named after the holy prophet and child molester, has been an illegal immigrant and failed asylum seeker here for 14 years without the UKBA deporting him.

Now we have to pay extra for him to have all the comforts and rights of being a prisoner in our cosy criminal justice system instead of just whatever benefits he's been entitled to, and some poor girl and her family have a living nightmare to endure. And the fuckwit judge didn't even insist he was deported.

The Penguin


Old Nick said...

It would be my pleasure to burn the pair of them for you if you like!

Smoking Hot said...

I am of the firm belief that the UKBA exist only to harass, intimidate and rob British Citizens.

They are totally out of control and behave like a secret police force.

My site is dedicated to exposing their illegal actions. That has now made me a target for them ... unfortunately for them l relish it ... bring it on!

Angry Exile said...

And the fuckwit judge didn't even insist he was deported.

Would probably have been overturned anyway. At this rate I expect that one day when we're all old, or hopefully dead, we'll actually be surprised when one of them actually bothers to fucking lock the scum up.

Anonymous said...

She has moved on as of January 2011. She has been promoted to Permanent Secretary - Department of Transport


Call me Infidel said...

I think you will find that if someone remains in the UK for 14 years they will automatically qualify for indefinite leave to remain.

Chopper morf said...

If we can't deport scum like this then Cameron should reintroduce corporal punishment to go with the prison sentence like they have in eg Singapore and suchlike. Or maybe chemical castration might work too.