Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Well, What Else Did You Expect?

So Jonah McCavity, the worst Prime Minister ever according to one NuLibore candidate, the self-confessed "Saviour Of The World", proven liar, snot-gobbler, bully, coward and incompetent dishonest disloyal self-seeking hypocrite has "resigned" in a shabby attempt to cling onto power for a bit longer and to stitch up the Conservatives.

Hardly surprising, as despite all the protestations of honesty and his "moral compass", this is the piece of shit who published a cheat's guide for students including blagging your way into parties with empty tins and bricks.

He hasn't changed.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Did he blag his way into one of yours too?

At least the birds were safe, which after the beer was the whole object of the piss up.

Anonymous said...

It's like trying to shake dog shit of your shoe. But many knew it would be with this character. Who has been feeding his delusion of competence all this time.? The post fiasco accounts of his premiership should be interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

He is all you fucking wankers deserve, you are a bunch of bed wetters and mummy shaggers, Brown is to fucking good for you. I so hope you get the Toffs in then you can all be fags, you will love that i bet you have your trousers down already. Taking it up the arse is your speciality dickbreath.

The Penguin said...

10.12 - The Return Of Wee Hamish, the semi-illiterate pet anonymong that we so appreciate for his complete lack of wit or erudition.