Sunday, 16 May 2010

Goodbye And Good Riddance Lord Triesman!

"She had the most gorgeous melons..."

Congratulations to the Sunday Outrage for the scalp of ex-Communist NuLiebore "Peer" Lord Triesman, shown up to be a predatory adulterer with a flappy gob.

Shame the Mouth of The Humber didn't have the same decency to resign from public life when he was shown up as Two Shags (with a small member).

The Penguin


St Paul said...

Invisible footballs rule !

Anonymous said...

Greasy little Jew. I hope his wife circumcises him for this.

Oh, hang on...

Captain Haddock said...

Christ .. he was only in charge of bloody Football .. its not as if he was responsible for anything of consequence ..

In fact, until recently .. I'd never even heard of him ..

So, you can guess just how much I'll miss him ..

Quiet_Man said...

Bastard probably cost us the World Cup tournament in 2018, or the Daily Hate did.

Probably both.