Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No Lessons To Learn

"Not here to learn about democracy or economics...." Commissar Barrosso at the G20.

Says it all really.


The Penguin


V. Hafvays... said...

Careful mate or you'll be getting a European Arrest Warrant up your jumper. Can't go round criticising Caligula and Rumpypumpy

banned said...

Couldn't someone get a EU Arrest Warrant for Van Rumpole on a charge of "bringing himself into disrepute"; or better still that Ashton woman.

Boxgreen said...

The sheer hypocrisy of the man defies belief.

"Not here to take lessons on democracy" ... says Barroso, an UNELECTED Eurowonk.

They should all be arrested for their crimes against the people of Europe.

Anonymous said...

He was only being honest. The last thing those undemocratic crooks want to learn about is democracy. And as for economics....