Monday, 11 June 2012

No, I Never Did!!!

Gordon McRuin went along to the Leveson Farce and, under oath, set the record straight about a few things.

1. I never sold off the gold cheap
2. I never stabbed Tony Bliar in the back
3. I never let all those immigrants in
4. I never set up the Tax Credit Bribery System
5. I never order aircraft carriers to be built in my constituency at inflated prices
6. I never signed the Lisbon Treaty
7. I never picked my nose and ate the snotty bogey on live TV
8. I never offered to suck Rebekah Brooks' cock
9. I never made a video called "Dance of the Comedian"
10. I never let our boys die in Snatch Land Rovers to save money

Seems we were all mistaken.

The Penguin


Honest guv - not me said...

Well, I never.....

Captain Haddock said...

Gordon Brown doesn't tell lies ..

He lives them ..

jaded said...

Thank God he hated Tony Blair or we would be spending Euros today.
He didn't keep us out of the Euro for economic reasons,he did it to annoy Blair.

Val said...

Jaded, couldn't have said it better myself. He kept us out of the Euro to stymie Tony's plans to be President of the EU.