Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Completely Useless Trough Pigs

Well, there's a surprise! NOT. The useless and ineffective twats at the so-called Financial Services Authority who did absolutely fuck-all to stop the banks and related arse-wipes running amok under McRuin's master-plan have managed to pay themselves massive salaries and pensions before the "new improved regulatory bodies as shite as the old ones" take over.

Shameless Cunts.

The Penguin


Money box said...

Easy when you have oodles of other people's money to spend and don't have to account for - especially if an impending deadline for doing so is approaching faster than an F-18

yardarm said...

It was never merry in England while we had suit wearing, desk jockeying, dosh juggling, careerist lick spittle, grasping, grubbing, wastrels, idle work shy spivs among us.

Theo Saurus said...

Yardarm, you describe the BBC perfectly.