Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Room At The Top

The Titans Of The Past Share Some Smug Smirks

Oh dear, seems there's such a dearth of decent candidates that the Met have been forced to promote Cressida Dickhead, famous for her bungled management of the police operation that killed an innocent electrician thought to be guilty of having a bit of a suntan.

If only they still had Ali Dizaei to call upon. Or his mate Tariq Guffaw...

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Stephenson fighting for his pension right now! As will Yates need to.

anon said...

Those are faces you just want to punch.

Anonymous said...

It's a popular tactic amongst the uniformed services that, whenever threatened with any serious disciplinary issue, you just resign or retire, thus stopping the process in its tracks and preserving the pension rights.
With the length of service and seniority which those two 'completely innocent quitters' had, that's a valid financial tactic from a personal viewpoint.
The sadness is that the system allows/encourages it.

Anonymous said...

As well as preserving Pension there will no doubt be a massive payment even though they resigned of their own volition!