Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Come On, Why This One?

What on earth are all these feral black scum doing making a fuss because one of them got shot and died?

After all, it's not as it it is unusual? There's always reports in the news media about some black gangsta aged 17 being shot dead or shooting some innocent 3 year old in a shop because they are so thick they can't aim the gun properly.

Oh, right, it's because the dead hoodlum was shot by the Met?


The Penguin


Anonymous said...

If you are constantly derided for being a waste of space by the authorities (corrupt ones at that); if you are never going to see the opportunity to develop a meaningful life for yourself through lack of opportunity; if you therefore feel you have no investment in the country you live in and nobody cares it doesn't fucking matter which building you chose

The Penguin said...

Why don't you just fuck off back to where you belong?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Fabians have a new nursery rhyme:

Nobody loves me
everybody hates me
I'm goin' down da high street to nick plasma innit

Grow the fuck up.

dwayne said...

bloggerz beez keepin da bruthas down. demeening us and sheeit. sendin a twitta now to da niggaz an gonna nic yoor HTML.

fo sho!

Fukitzwego Grabbatelli said...

Is Felicity Cumming back again, but this time as "Anon"?

Anonymous said...

I take it that you'd prefer a corrupt system of corrupt politicians and corrupt police and a corrupt media then


Its hard to decide which I hate the most; thieving, parasitic black scum or the terminally sad but totally fuckwitted do gooders who constantly seek to excuse the criminal activities of the young blacks.
Just Fuck right off Anonymous; why not go live in Brixton and get mugged you fucking tool.

Captain Haddock said...

dwayne said...
"bloggerz beez keepin da bruthas down. demeening us and sheeit. sendin a twitta now to da niggaz an gonna nic yoor HTML.

fo sho"!

I wasn't aware that either "JD Sports" , "Footlocker" or McDonald's (much nearer your mark) sold HTML ..

The only people holding you back or keeping you down, is yourselves .. with a little extra effort, you could achieve that second "gold star" in burger-flipping ..

Scotia said...

I really despair when I read comments such as those from "Anonymous". Presumably those rioters/looters had the same opportunity to be educated as the rest of us. If some chose to stare out the classroom window all day rather than applying themselves it's hardly the fault of society. By the way, quite a few of those charged have received an education but for reasons best know to themselves prefer to act as thieving scum.

Anonymous said...

, men and women alike, all out is a splendid show of force.

Come on, did you ever see such a display of equal opportunity in your life?


Salv said...

Thank you for the opportunity to read sane views re these riots with the exception of anon, but thats democracy. The causes are plain opportunism and a vacum left by a blundering and spineless plod. Lets not beat around the bush, the yoot and their jamaican patois lingo with their bitch wiggers in tow are to blame. 24 hours it would of taken to snuff out this little organised riot and shopping trip. Plod seem to have had their back bones and balls removed some time ago. Utterly embarrasing watching the Met deal with the first few nights of disorder. Crack heads you useless fuckers its not a game of tag.