Friday, 26 October 2012

Same Old Same Old - Even If You Claim To Be "Communist!"

"Buy My Book Quick, Or I'll Fuck All Your Children!"

Well, what a surprise! The cunts at the top of the tree get extremely rich.

Who'd have thought it?

The Penguin


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Anonymous said...

Dichloraphenazone. Take it Richard. And I still know you.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he's back to just name calling, cos he is bang to rights.

Tiny cock.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this

If it was him and he was exposed, why would he be using it?


Anonymous said...

Yoohoo. Ive gotta noo comin for a wide...?

Anonymous said...

You upset DS in May.....Silly....very silly.

Anonymous said...

You upset a lot of people. People who tried to help....Remember them? And then you blew it. An admission to them who you really even posted that admission on THIS site also.

Silly....very silly... remember what you were told?

Anonymous said...

DS is like a dog with a bone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who's DS?

Anonymous said...

DS,you know Richard don't you, remember what we told you would happen.

Anonymous said...

Dark Spangle said...
Several people have tried to help believing you to be the innocent victim. That being the case makes you an even bigger cunt than they say. Remember, we are from other sites around the net. Yore name is now highly likely to feature in those sites.

19 May 2017 at 15:43

Trollwatch said...

He's got his own blog!

Anonymous said...

When he gets tired of the penguin he can kick off again over there

Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie guess who's address is on the about page?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie....we know all about you!

Dr Littlejohn treated you at the priory clinic in Norwich, and Cyclist part treated you in his position as a mental health nurse.

We do know you Richard.

Rickie said...

Come see me new site and read all about it on me latest post

cunt init

The Sunday Times said...

The relative newcomer The Troll's Lair is a masterpiece. The caricature of Rickie is very fetching. Those in the know suggest it is a Banksy or a Damien Hirst. Rumour is, it ma even make the Turner Prize shortlist next year.

What with his eloquent writing style and command of the English language, his blog is receiving rave reviews from the literary reviewers across the arts world. His neo-kindergarten, retro grammar and spelling style, reminiscent of 19th century workhouse urchins, is a breath of fresh air in today's stuffy, articulate and somewhat pompous literary world.

Brian Sewell wrote "This work of Rickie is the most deeply satisfying crap I can remember since I filled the bowl in 1978 after eating that super spicy vindaloo with extra chilli, a side order of Madras spiced tarka dhall, onion bhajis, 8 poppadums, a couple of garlic naan and a lovely bottle of plonk de plonk 77."

Anonymous said...

Is that you Adrian with your eloquent writing style and command of the English language.

Is that you Adrian?, please tell us more about Richard.

Don't be shy lad.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Adrian Searle, the arts critic?

Anonymous said...

No its Adrian with his with his eloquent writing style and command of the English language,a breath of fresh air in today's stuffy, articulate and somewhat pompous literary world unlike his grubby yellow stained fingers reminiscent of 19th century workhouse urchins.

Anonymous said...

Spit it out lad. Don't be shy.

Adrian who?

We haven't got all day....

Anonymous said...

Someone who knows Richard and the horrendous crimes he has committed.

We need to know more about the Norfolk Ripper.

Don't scare him off lad demanding his full a good cunt won't you.

Adrian knows it all.

ISAC said...

Isn't Brian Sewell a dead cunt?

Anonymous said...

Brian Sewell was always a cunt, more so when alive. Being dead therefore qualifies him as a cunt who is dead or a dead cunt.

Who is this Adrian chap?

Can some cunt put some meat on the bones?

Not Brian's bony decomposing skeleton, but the Adrian story.

Anonymous said...

Brian Sewell used to live next door to me. he was a useless cunt then , and still is today. I can vouch however that he remains alive and in exceedingly good health.
Is that you Shaun. Did you see me post on ISAC today. Churchill is a cunt eh.

Anonymous said...

Adrian is Cyclist....surely you knew that Richard.

Anonymous said...

I thought the cyclist had been "outed". I thought he was too scared to call back again.

You lied to us Rickie. You lied. You said that you knew who the cyclist was. You said that he would never come back. Did you lie Rickie? Did you ever out the cyclist? Did you ever out anyone? I think you are full of shit. I don't believe you have the magic outing machine that you claim. You're full of shit.


Rickie's got two blogs!

Anonymous said...

richard 1.

Your style is so churlish, so childish. You seek to shock and you fail. You seek to spoil and you don't. Is there anything in your miserable little life that you have succeeded in ? I think not.
Anyway, while I'm here I shall have the pleasure of addressing the infamous Rickie Doubleday troll of no fame in particular.

PS. ISAC need to cancel your membership.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie, I didn't see your post on ISAC. Are you lying, or was it deleted before I could snigger at it's pathetic pointlessness?

Either way, it doesn't exist.


Billy Stamper said...

Richard the man whose children disowned him. A sad little fucker who just does'nt fit in with modern day life. A Miniver Cheevy. A man who craves attention and notoriety. A little man, timid and always in the shadows. Insignificant and overlooked. Richard just does not belong.

At last! Salvation! The arrival of technology and the keyboard. rickie can now pretend to be everything that he always wanted to be. Tough! Masculine! Brutish! Hard! Frightened of no one and anything.

It's easy to hide behind a keyboard. Its easy to live out your fantasies on line. Its easy to offend and pay no price. Its really very easy.....isn't it Rickie?

For the benefit of those who have never met Rickie. He is a timid man, he's NOT athletic and certainly lacks a physique that would intimidate. He is in fact, like the irritating little kid you sit next to at school. A prick that just screams to be bullied. Insignificant. Not to be trusted and a shit not to be trodden on because it stinks.

A scrap metal dealer and itinerant spare parts merchant? BS . Fingers burned on many occasions. Started business with a loan from his mother. ( he failed to gain employment any other way ) In and out of employment, Heavily dependent upon the state for his meals.

Richard is sociopath. He also has delusional qualities and reacts negatively to aspirational failures, with long periods of depression.

Been to Priory? Well , that can be answered in another post. Am I the Cyclist? No. Do I know who the cyclist is? Yes. How do I know the cyclist. ? We used to work together. Do I know Rickie.? Yes. But that's for future posts. Meanwhile, take all the time in the world to marvel at the benefits of having such a generous benefits system.

Yours Sincerely Billy Stamper.

Anonymous said...

Are you Dr Littleton?, He still works in Cathedral lane.

Billy Stamper said...

I think the Priory line was a testing feint. That is to say, not all of it was true. It had been worded in such a way, that the target would make predictable responses. The target performed magnificently.

Yours Sincerely . Billy Stamper.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see tis all bollocks about the Priory...I'm not so sure cos he was a mental health nurse.

Better contact priory and at least warn them someone who his a nurse is using on of their doctors name to lie like a cunt.

Billy Stamper said...

I am not Dr littlejohn.

rickie the thick cunt said...

Hey Rickie how about publishing the names of the trollwatch team on one of your two blogs?

Go on. Dare you!

Anonymous said...

What a fucking spacker! This Rickie is a right dull cunt, and no mistake!

Hook, line and fucking sinker.

Anonymous said...

That wordpress site is real quality. I mean wow! The Booker prize should go to that one...fuck me.

Anonymous said...

Email the priory,....let's tell em about Richard Doubleday and Adrian and DR Littlejon.

Nasty evil accusations.

Anonymous said...

Go on then, you fucking bellend.

No one else gives a fuck, as it is meaningless to anyone who isn't mentioned.

So why do you give a fuck?

Aren't there any dying women you can troll?

Cunts corner getting a bit much for you?

Anonymous said...

I think you will find Adrian Will give a fuck .

You keep pushing the brinkmanship.


You can't intimidate the wrong man...not ever

Anonymous said...

You Knob

Anonymous said...

Ive read Anna Racoons Blog entries, and all i can say is that she was pretty certain that speaking to you, confirmed the belief that you were the troll.

I have also read earlier in this blog that you admitted that you were Richard Doubleday.

Many inconsistencies seem apparent.

Finally , I must say that your denials are very unconvincing.> ou seem to have a malicious streak a mile wide.

Anonymous said...

This blog site is one of the most entertaining I have ever visited. Congratulations on a superb bit of work.

Anonymous said...

Rickie loves the word brinkmanship', doesn't he?

Not sure he knows what it means though.

I love the way he pretends to know names, when we all know he hasn't a clue.

Unless he was the person mentioned, as only he would know these individuals.


Anonymous said...

Nurse Adrian, Dr Littlejon, Richard Doubleday.

Oh dear, oh see cunts the more you push the brinkmanship the bigger the hole gets.

Real people, real Doctor, real address.

You are the twats who haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

Nope fraid dioclese and uptonman were both in fact DIOCLESE, same I.P and both using a kindle as the wanker was exposed by the mod on cuntscorner

which part of that don't you understand retards

suck it up cunts

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah 0/10 for those shit upton man blogs dioclese you exposed wanker you


At last Rickie has set up his own blogs.

Do hope he adds more content, his writing style is different to all those other standard blogs out there.

Feels like he has so much to offer the world. A genius of the written word.

News from the blogs said...

When it comes to blogging Rickie knows all there is to know.

He has been cunting around on other people's blogs for years.

Now he can cunt around on his own. A home from home.

Trollwatch said...

You're back then Rickie?

"Nope fraid dioclese and uptonman were both in fact DIOCLESE, same I.P"

Agreed with the first bit, but which bit of dioclese no avatar and Dioclese the real one not being the same person did you not understand?

All of it because the facts don't suit you?


Anonymous said...

The end is coming and all who sail on this ship are doomed for all time the consequence is instoppable and you will await the final destruction and punishment that is deserving to all cunts who are here and making filthy lies. Adrian is exposed and is in the hands of the law and is likely to be going away for a very long time and will be struck off and will never work again as a nurse.The supreme justic eis mine and you will all await my pleasure

Anonymous said...

FFS Rickie just piss off you daft cunt

Anonymous said...

"will be struck off and will never work again as a nurse"

So what? He's retired you twat!

Anonymous said...

He is not retired he is to young to be retired.Fuckoff cunt

Anonymous said...

Those who know the cyclist will be aware that he has retired. Hell, he even said so on this blog, you fucking retard. This is how everyone knows you are bluffing, because we pay attention, and you can't remember what crock of shit you come out with last.

Still won't say how all this started? Why not Rickie?

Anonymous said...

One last time deaf cunt. Dioclese started all this shite when he accused me of trolling anna racoon and posted my name and address but he was wrong and he will pay. end of.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been googling the wrong guy, you twat. So much for your facts.

Anonymous said...

And now...the end is near...
and so I face
the final curtain,
You'll suck my cock
and kiss my arse
and lick my balls
of that im very certain

And when your done
and gone away
I'll shout out loud
and make it clear
Im a cunt but not the doubleday

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

So you didn't troll Anna Raccoon? What about all the other blogs you trolled? Didn't do that either? Rickie the mong, you started it all by trolling people who were much smarter than you. They tolerated you for quite some time too, all that anti smoking bollocks that you are obsessed with. Then there was the hate stuff, and the stealing of people's login details, so you could troll in their names, you creepy cunt.
Rickie Rickie full of shit. You started it all, you prick.

Anonymous said...

Hi1 Visiting from that wonderful site of the troll UPTON MAN.
Brilliant, absolutely fucking last they've made the breakthrough and Chimps can type.....fucking magic

Anonymous said...

And for fucks sake, come out of the closet, and embrace life as the gay man you wish you could be. Between all the homo erotic crap you write on here, and on cunts corner, you must must be so close now.

Anonymous said...

Rickie said " One last time deaf cunt. Dioclese started all this shite when he accused me of trolling anna racoon and posted my name and address but he was wrong and he will pay. end of. "


Again you trip up. SO YOU ARE HIM!!


Anonymous said...

He is one fucking dumbass. And a cunt.

Anonymous said...

I see the cunts at cunts corner are paranoid about whether Rickie looms amongst them. Fuck me, he's probably half of them. They seem to spend most of the time trolling each other, so Rickie will in his element.

Trollwatch said...

"One last time deaf cunt. Dioclese started all this shite when he accused me of trolling anna racoon and posted my name and address but he was wrong and he will pay. end of"

Which Dioclese is that Rickie? You seem to be several of him.

Anna Raccoon accused you of trolling her. I think she'd be in the best position to know.

And what about all the other sites you've trolled over the years?

Face it. It's all down to you

Anonymous said...

Dio retired in his early 50s
Is that another reason you're pissed off at him Rickie?

Anonymous said...

UHard to imagine that Rickie doesn't inhabit Cunts Corner in one or more guises.

It's a wide open goal. No one gets banned and trolling each other is par for the course.

It is troll heaven, an opportunity too good to be missed for him and him and him.

He would have to be sane to have missed it.

Trollwatch said...

dioclese the Fake and Upton Man - who are the same person - got banned from CC
I don't think the real Dio would be seen dead over there. Read his comments about it all here -

Says it all plus what we already pointed out in previous comments

FAO Cunts Corner said...

This is not a blog, nor does it have regular members. It is a place where Rickie the Troll squats. Apart from him, it is no other commentators primary residence, or if it is they are as mad as Rickie.

People merely drop in and out to rip him apart and show the world he is a supreme bellend. Consider it a place for an unwanted troll to shit on the walls, doss down and generally rip out the fixtures and fittings, as squatters do.

Some day hopefully the owner returns and serves Rickie an eviction notice.

In the meantime feel free to defecate here as Rickie does on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Its got quite interesting here lately Cunts Corner, we had a little gobshite "Cyclist" making all sorts of accusations against Richard Doubleday.

Unfortunatley for the twat he has been outed by me as a Mental Health Nurse called the little twat has been silenced and is making no further accusations...well he won't do shitting himself like he his.

The "mob" have been desperate to find out how I know him....this is so they can confuse and deny my facts...I think the complete silence from him on me blog says it all to the lurkers.

There has also been many "spoof posts" "fan blogs" set up, but funnily enough when they pretend to be me they get the "facts" almost spot on.

Innocent man/Phone book etc.

It really is sinking in.


A cyclist by any other name said...

Yet again your deluded personality refuses to accept reality and invents 'facts' to support your facetious assertions.

You have not outed me and I am not, as you eloquently put it, shitting myself. Clearly I have not been silenced by your actions, real or imagined. You threatened me with exposure to my employers, completely ignoring that I have no employers since I have been retired for some time and have no wish to return to the National Health Service in any capacity. To this end your threats are empty and meaningless. Almost as empty and meaningless as your life would appear to be.

I will post on this medium again as and when I see fit and there is nothing you can do that can stop me. As you have quite rightly stated yourself, only the blog owner can erase comments or close down this blog. Inconvenient as this may be for you, it means that your threats, blustering and brinkmanship will have no effect whatsoever and will remain as evidence of your criminal actions for all to see.

Perhaps you should readmit yourself for further treatment? Unfortunately, having retires, I will not be present to deal with you personally but rest assured that I have several past colleagues familiar with your case who will be more than happy to see you again.

Trollwatch said...

"The "mob" have been desperate to find out how I know him"
No. We really really haven't.

"There has also been many "spoof posts" "fan blogs" set up, but funnily enough when they pretend to be me they get the "facts" almost spot on."
You clearly do not understand the word 'satire' any mores that the word 'facts'

"Innocent man/Phone book etc. It really is sinking in."
No. It really really isn't

When are you going to publish our names?
We keep asking.

Anonymous said...

Well Adrian, if you think making vile and evil accusations that you made against Richard Doubleday mentioning real doctors who still practice at the priory that you knew as part of your employment within the NHS/Priory and me informing them or Richard Doubleday are now empty and meaningless then carry on gobshite....let's find out.

You stupid twat!, have made the most disgusting accusations against an innocent want to test your confidence?

your move.

Keep asking about names!!............looks like you are getting deperate.

cunt init.

Anonymous said...

The first thing the Priory will do is contact the Police.

Anonymous said...

Great. That should bring them down on Rickie like a ton of bricks

Trollwatch said...

Not desperate. Just exposing your lies.

You have no idea who we are you bullshitting cunt

Anonymous said...

Yeah absolutely , it will probably need a Police investigation before you realise the truth about Richard Doubleday.

@Trollwatch.....yeah whatever.

According to you everything I have posted is fuck your request.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a police investigation would have to look into the reasoning behind such allegations.
That would mean a forensic examination of the persons online history.
You up for that, Rickie?

Anonymous said...

The Cyclist can be found at this IP.

Anonymous said...

Correction. IP

Anonymous said...

Interestingly that IP backtracked through the proxies puts him surprisingly close to you Rickie

Trollwatch said...

"@Trollwatch.....yeah whatever"

We'll take that as 'you're right I've no idea who you are'


Anonymous said...

How could he possibly know that IP address without access to this site as an administrator?

Short answer, he can't.


Anonymous said...

Thought Ruckie was leaving this blog last week.

Never does he follow through except when he farts and shits his pants.

Can he fuck off somewhere else, he is so boring. Latches onto one issue and bangs on about it endlessly. First, it was how the troll hunters got his address and now it is the story of the Cyclist.

Rickie, fuck off somewhere else. I hear Pyongyang is nice this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Rickie has finally confessed to his internet identity in a phone call to me this afternoon. He was distraught and sobbing at the realisation of the enormity of his crimes. Rickie has taken to his bed, completely and emotionally exhausted. He is currently being cared for by Cyclist, Crowman and a number of well wishers.
Flowers and get well cards can be addressed to the usual address.

Richards wife Barbara has asked that visits are kept to a minimum as neighbours are likely to complain about congestion and parking on the verges.

We all wish richard well, and for a speedy recovery. The spunk bubble is sorely missed.

Patroller said...

This site will be eliminated by the Master.

It is only through the Master that you will find repentance.

Those who defy the Master, especially Dioclese and Flaxen, will face the Master. They won't like that meeting.

Disabled toilet. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks!

Anonymous said...

What, is there another dickless troll cunt here?

Fucking bellend.

Anonymous said...

Oh ! I get it. The Master!...of course.

Woodrow Wyatt said...

Advisory ( take it or leave it )

The original troll, commencing in 2012 on numerous sites such as Head Rambles etc. Was in fact Richard Doubleday. Mr Doubleday was confronted by Anna Racoon following his posts on her site some time later. Since that time, Mr Doubleday has made no posts of any nature on any site.

What has happened, is that some other person has successfully perpetuated the belief that Mr Doubleday continues to post.

His denials are part of the enticement to engage.

It is as simple as that.

Who ever is the glove puppet, ( and there are many ) It makes the persuit of the perpetrator somewhat self defeating.

The troll has not won any particular victory.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Richards new site seems to be doing well. Its attracting a good class of baiters.

Trollwatch said...

Thanks for that Woodrow

We'll leave it if it's all the same to you

Anonymous said...

"Mr Doubleday was confronted by Anna Racoon following his posts on her site some time later. Since that time, Mr Doubleday has made no posts of any nature on any site. What has happened, is that some other person has successfully perpetuated the belief that Mr Doubleday continues to post."

If that is true then there is a remarkable continuity of style and content

Nice try

Anonymous said...

It is indeed remarkable how you won't accept the simple truth that "phone book" selection over a silly blog handle name would ever identify anyone as a troll.

yet you keep trying and trying desperate for something to cling on to that will change the wrong man into the right man.

Of course someone could contact Mr Doubleday and see what he has to say on the matter, its bleedin obvious he isn't aware of fuck all after the Racoon investigations.

You want it both ways cunts..........absolute certainty its me ...but shit scared of contacting me.

The truth of course is that you are know the evidence is based on fuck all and then serious criminal offences will occur when you find out Mr Doubleday is innocent.

YOU BE will only find out the truth by either a Police investigation by contacting Doubleday..cos mob denial will never allow you to believe me or my evidence.

cunt init

Anonymous said...

"shit scared of contacting me"

Apart from when someone walked up your path and spoke directly to you, naturally.

Anonymous said...

"some other person has successfully perpetuated the belief that Mr Doubleday continues to post."

The spelling and grammar are a bit of a giveaway as well

cunt init?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact Doubleday?..........tell him about this blog and the criminal offences.

Go on cunt..........fucking coward.

Of course all the certainty goes out of the window then.....oh yes Racoons half baked tale seems a bit silly, Dioclese never say "how" silence seems piss poor.

When it comes to having the balls to contact fucking bottle it.

aint that the the truth.

Anonymous said...

You have been contacting me for months...not scared of that are you?.

What's the problem with following your 100% nailed on certainties and contacting Doubleday.

Come on troll hunters stop hiding behind a little old lady
and grow some balls.

Cos all the big talk threats are worthless if you can't actually do anything outside of your bedrooms.

Man up twats and speak or write to Doubleday.

Anonymous said...

Troll, it seems strange you are encouraging punters here to take a walk up Rickie's front path. At least it is his front path and not his back passage, that you suggest. Anyhow, since by all accounts, Rickie is a feeble type, not exactly fighting material, you risk a bad outcome for the "innocent man" you claim. By continually daring others to venture to his house and confront him, you put an "innocent man" at risk. Not exactly helpful to him.

Certainly, I am not advocating anyone take your advice, but by pushing the point in the way of a childish dare, one day a person without much restraint may take you up on your offer. People should be careful what they wish for, especially when they do so on behalf of others.

Perhaps, you should be the one to inform him, anonymously maybe, since it is you who has led to this situation. Of course, if you are in fact he, as some suggest then it's not going to happen, is it?

Dave (ex 2 para) said...

He's a mouthy little cunt, this troll. You know he is some pathetic cuckold who can't get it up. Knocking on the sad fuckers door would probably give the cunt a heart attack, and as much as I dislike this piece of shit troll, I wouldn't want that to happen. It seems he suffers in life, from being ineffectual, banal and quite thick. It gives me a feeling of superiority every time I read one of his sad little posts, and those joys are worth their weight in gold.
So, good health to you Rickie, I wish you and all your cunts corner sock puppets well.

Anonymous said...

Fucking cowards...big talk,big accusations ,big threats

Big twats.

Blagging on here for months.

Anonymous said...

Cowards? Coming from a 'man' that trolled a dying woman, then shat himself when she turned up on his doorstep.


Trollwatch said...

"big talk,big accusations ,big threats"
"Blagging on here for months."

Yep. That sums you up perfectly Rickie.

Trollwatch said...

"Dioclese never say "how" silence seems piss poor"

He explained it on his blog a few days back. I guess we assumed that you could read.

Illiterate cunt.

Patroller said...

Repent or face the Master. He approaches....

Fuck off.

Disabled toilet.

Anonymous said...

This ain't doctor fucking who

Fuck off yourself cunt

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a court of law Dioclese faces...not you Master.

How did you obtain the address Dioclese?....someone gave it to me m'lud.

Bane said...

May you all rot as the cunts that you are.

Drink bleach. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Fuck of back to cunts corner where you troll twats belong.

Anonymous said...

Rickie talking to himself self again. Master my arse, masturbator more like.

Where did you get the address Dioclese? You are one thick cunt. It's been said so many times, you are just too thick to read.


Patroller said...

RTo all the anons, the Master is already in all of your minds. You cannot escape. You are linked to him for all time.

All that remains is the restitution. Rickie will kneel before the Master.

I sit at the left side of the Master.

Fuck off. Disabled toilet.

Trollwatch said...

"How did you obtain the address Dioclese?...


Anonymous said...

How many more times will you refuse to post the big secret.


Anonymous said...

Think on can't control who reads this blog and who might do something.

It bothers me not who the master could well be a problem for Adrian or Dioclese.

You think all your games and tactics are controlled by you alone.

Troll watch team you ain't alone here.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you stupid prick.

Who gives a shit what you think.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the stupid troll refers to 'Adrian'. It shows how thick he really is. It is almost as dumb as saying two and two equals nine.

Anonymous said...

Think on Rickie.
The police have interviewed you before. Remember?

Not likely to be sympathetic, are they?

Anonymous said...

Adrians his name....other online wankers who are mates of the gobshite are Steve and Mick.

Hey Trollwatch have you got the courage to post how Dioclese obtained the address yet.

here I will start you off...

Phone Book
someone gave him the address
by virgin media cable IP address
guessed it
Forensic lab
Private investigator.
Gypsy rose lee.

You can't blame me fore asking for details...cos its the wrong address and its fucking funny the avoidance of saying how the fuck up happened

Come on soft lad....don't be shy.

Trollwatch said...

"You can't blame me fore asking for details.."

Yeah. We can.
We're sick of explaining it to you, soft lad!

Adrian, Steve, Mick, Uncle Tom Cobbley, the fucking tooth fairy. All made up by you.
All guilty except, of course, your good self

cunt init?

Anonymous said...

You aint explained nothing twat...someone picked that address why and how?

so easy Trollwatch...just spit it out.

your avoidance speaks volumes.


100% FUCKED said...

Wow what a fucking scumbag Dioclese is, for all his white knighting and the do gooder shit these cunts on ISAC proclaim the sick piece of shit nominated Anna Raccoon for the pathetic dead pool and thought it was hilarious and now she's dead. Pot calling the kettle black eh?

Go back to your upton man and dioclese accounts on cunts corner you disgusting vile nasty piece of shit

100% FUCKED said...

About time Dioclese's home address got exposed chaps!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the sick twat is on a roll picking dead cunts.

Charlie Gard
Anna Racoon

The fucked thing about it is...the sick cunts think choosing the next cunt to die is justified.

Trolls trolling....simple.

Anonymous said...

Inform Doubleday about what Dioclese accuses him of.......Police will be knocking on the door of his real address.


Trollwatch said...

"You aint explained nothing twat...someone picked that address why and how?"

Learn to read you daft cunt
Not explaining it yet again

Trollwatch said...

"Inform Doubleday"

What again? The late Raccoon already did that as you well know

ISAC said...

"Wow what a fucking scumbag Dioclese is, for all his white knighting and the do gooder shit these cunts on ISAC proclaim the sick piece of shit nominated Anna Raccoon for the pathetic dead pool and thought it was hilarious and now she's dead. Pot calling the kettle black eh?"

So you never actually read the dead pool post then? Or the comments under it?

'course not


Anonymous said...

Sleep easy tonight cunt.

The Raccoon is coming to haunt you

Trollwatch said...

The Raccoon made us a promise.

She's coming for you Rickie


Anonymous said...

Woooooooo !!!
Woooooooooooooo !!!

It's me Rickie
I've come for you Rickie

Are you shitting yourself Rickie?
You should be.
Anna always keeps her word

Wooooooooo !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah the sick twat is on a roll picking dead cunts.
Charlie Gard
Anna Racoon"

Let's hope he makes it three in a row with you eh Rickie?

Anonymous said...

Troll watch....woooooooooooo!!!!


Home fucking idiot, you haven't a clue.

if you had anything to post about it, then you would have done of all people little man.


Anonymous said...

Anna will deliver the consequence to Upton, fool

Be worried Rickie. Be very worried.
She knows where you are. She knows you. She's been to your home

Let the haunting begin

wwwwwooooooooooohhhhhhhh !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rickie you fucking vermin.

Anna Raccoon and Charlie Gard. You don't have the slightest moral authority to speak about anyone regarding those two names.

Don't forget, the reason you are rightly hounded here is because you trolled Anna, fully aware that she was suffering a terminal illness. Did you ever apologise for that? Did you fuck, you scummy cunt. You only have to look back at your posts here to see you had nothing but contempt for her, even telling people to have sex with her corpse.

As for Charlie Gard, you didn't mind slagging his parents off over at cunts corner, did you? Nice man...

Anonymous said...

The Dark Web is populated by some very clever people. Mostly, young people with a highly developed computer awareness.

It is known in many quarters, that if you want information that is normally out of reach, then that information can be obtained for you for a small fee.

Private Detectives use the Dark Web, as do Banks and some SOLICITORS. A simple request with minimal information, and quite soon, some smart assed little kid in Taiwan sends what you want.

Some organisations have accounts with these "finders"

IP addresses are easy to find as long as you exercise patience.

Following a number of posts upon her site, Anna had you traced Richard.

It isn't rocket science. , but it is illegal. When you do things like that, you don't shout it from the rooftops.

In your conversation with her in your house, you said things which upon checking were not entirely correct. They were intended to mislead.

Anna wrote down every word that you and Barbara said. Your denials were not fully developed and you made small errors.

It was later on another site , that you posted material You had said during that conversation with Anna. It seemed innocuous, it seemed trivial, but , to a trained Lawyer, that minute detail was not overlooked.

In essence it corroborated that you were in fact, the Troll who had offended her.

What is not known, is why you continued with offensive posts beyond this.

To be frank, Im not even interested in the answer to that.

You keep on asking how Dio got your address. It was Anna who got your address.

In fact, I don't even give a damn what you choose to believe. And there is the crux of the matter, it's what you CHOOSE to believe that is the problem. You are very selective and very dismissive of fact.

As for your hardman image. Bullshit. You are nothing as you would have people believe. You are visible, people can see you every day if they wish. You are just a plain ordinary 55 yr old male. You are timid and not at all hard.

i think the time has come now for you to simply fuck off. Anna is dead, and so it must now end. If you continue. then you are indeed a stupid fool.

Anonymous said...

Then follow your convictions and contact me.......go on twat.

Post a letter or phone.

You try any angle you can, more and more can't ever change the wrong man into the right one.



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...







you may well then see a witness in court.


Anonymous said...

I thought his caps lock was broken, we haven't seen that in a while! Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

If we were to indulge in your silly notion for one second, surely you are the one to have started this, by using Richard's name in the course of your pathetic trolling?

Still not a flicker of remorse for Anna, or any of the other people on the end of your nonsense. Cunt.

Again, you fail to answer the simple question of why are you so bothered about this address business if it's not yours? You are an evil little cunt, and do not give a fuck about anyone, so why do you care about this guy, who you claim to not know?

You have no moral high ground here. It's a shame really, you could have thrown yourself off it....

Anonymous said...

Anna was never trolled, unfortunately way back machine shows that...

A few posts over a couple of hours on one day...
She went feral to show off and was passing his house.

The nasty cow didn't give two shits about proof ,just did her but for wrongful accusations.

I don't give a fuck about her...she has caused harm to an innocent family.

Anonymous said...

Because of you, pathetic prick.

You trolled Anna, and everyone knows it.


Anonymous said...

Poor ickle Rickie, getting blamed for trolling, when it was only a couple of spoof posts over one day. Anyone who's been unlucky enough to witness Rickie in full trolling mode will know how mind numbing his persistent nonsense can be. Sometimes boring, sometimes vague, sometimes nasty, but the prick has nothing to say. Low life cunt.

Anonymous said...

"Anna was never trolled, unfortunately way back machine shows that..."

Really? I read it and it shows the exact opposite.

Fuck! We're back in the Rickiverse again

Anonymous said...

Mob gets in the way of reading,proof,facts, evidence.

Mob must be right eh!!

Remember contact Doubleday ..go on grow some balls

Anonymous said...

Wah wha wha.Deny deny deny. I did not troll Anna I did not troll Anna I am a fucking liar I am a fucking liar

Ricky go tell yourself...

Mummy was dominant...Waste of space Woman Hater Woman Hater Woman Hater

Likes weak people....Turd breath Turd Breath..... See the photos See the Photos See the photos

Its Rickie!

Anonymous said...

We have told Doubleday.....He's YOU you cretin

Anonymous said...

We have told Rickie.... He's you .

Anonymous said...

We have told the innocent family ....its you you dolt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Christ this fucker is beneath contempt!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You trolled Anna and you have revelled in her death. CUNT

Anonymous said...

A good woman dies and you foul her name

Anonymous said...

Look out of your window rickie

Anonymous said...


Is that the bloke that built that wall oop north?

Anonymous said...

A word of advise Rickie.
NOT a threat

Anna was well respected and you're upsetting a LOT of people.

I'd drop it if I were you

Anonymous said...

Bluff called.
Just wrote a letter to that innocent bloke in Upton

Should prove interesting
Watch this space

Anonymous said...

Why not Mr Bluff..........fine by me.




"A good woman dies and you foul her name".... Dioclese is celebrating yet another winner after Charlie Gard in the Deadpool next cunt to die competition


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love it when the caps lock comes on. You know he means business. By that I mean he's screaming at his cum stained laptop, and churning out the same old shit.

Wrote a letter did you Rickie? Did you tell yourself that it's your fault all this shit is going on, because you used that name, you dumb fuck.

At least you didn't need a stamp.

Now, trudge off back to cunts corner, you know, where you quite happily cunted Charlie Gards parents. Nice man....

Postman Pat said...

The letter is coming to Upton. It's not Rickie talking to himself. It's real.
2nd class. In the letterbox now, going this morning.
Should be there by Wednesday?
Should put an end to the innocent man bollocks once and for all.

Of course he'll deny receiving it, but how can he? He won't know if he isn't Doubleday, so if he denies it then he confirms his identity.

Stand by for some more caps lock ranting!

Go on Rickie. Squirm out of this one. Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

Well he did say that someone should write a letter so he can't really complain

Dave the Internet Troll said...

Disabed toilet.

Anonymous said...

For Postman Pat. Great idea to send a letter. It really brings closure. IF Doubleday is innocent, this site will be closed immediately and Plod will be all over us. IF Doubleday IS the Troll and receives said letter.....he will say nothing......

I get your drift Postman Pat....thats a cracker.

Anonymous said...

Thursday or Friday of next week should be the time when the CC is obtained and this site CLOSED. perhaps Saturday Sunday?

Lets Diary that then lads, for if this site is not closed on !st SEPTEMBER....then Rickie IS DOUBLEDAY.

Any bets boys?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree, but if you go back in time you will find that the troll identified himself as Rickie Doubleday and made a statement that he had lied and had won. This means that he himself has encouraged the belief and that he has perpetuated this belief.

That means he;s as fucking guilty as the rest of us....could be interesting. Will the troll risk prosecution? If he is NOT Doubleday, then he is in the frame also.

Anonymous said...

It matters little whether he is or isn't. There have been no threats made to any individual, at least from the anti trolling posters. The troll known as Rickie could have put an end to everything by ceasing to post, but continued to troll other sites, even bringing people to this site to admire his handiwork. When the address was removed from ISAC, he proclaimed victory, saying it was him all along, rather than gracefully walking away. Everything here has been as a result of his trolling, and continues because of it. I think most people who have abused the troll on here have done so because of his trolling of Anna Raccoon, who was suffering a terminal illness at the time. His commandeering of women's login details to troll sites under their names being another. All his other trolling activities are at best annoying, at worst frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Lest we not forget.






Some of the stuff Rickie posted.

The ghost of Anna Raccoon said...

How was last night for you Rickie?
Did you feel the sudden chill in the air as the Raccoon came to call?

Perhaps I'll come tonight in the wee small hours?
Perhaps I'm biding my time?
Perhaps I'll deliver that letter personally :-)

Time means nothing in the spirit world
Eternity is a long time Rickie.
It's not too late to repent your sins!

Let the hauntings commence!

Anonymous said...

Dioclese's real name wouldn't happen to be Gerry would it.....?

Nice of you scummy hypocrites to make fun of a dead person too

Dioclese said...


Dioclese said...

10 year old girls give me raging boners and i park outside schools with my binoculars in one hand and my cock in the other mmmm lol

Tiny Dick said...

Oh look - he's pretending to be Dio again. And he's figured out how to use a URL ! How clever !

Must take a screen print for when the coppers come calling.

Rickie, you really are one dumb fucker.
Nobody is making fun of a 'dead person' but you still seem to be trolling her


Trollwatch said...

Yep. You nailed it Rickie.
Dio's real name is Gerry

and he's got a pacemaker

Trollwatch said...

Charlie Gard, Anna Raccoon and Rickie

Is that an 'at trick, Gerry?

Glenda Slag said...

'at Trick


Anonymous said...

You can't expose Dio, Rickie

That would be harassment against an innocent man and we know how strongly you feel about that!

The ghost of Anna Raccoon said...

I'm dead and you're still fucking trolling me ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?

Be afraid
Be very afraid

The witching hour approaches

Anonymous said...

Good luck everyone

Anonymous said...

Calling Dioclese a peedo? That's pretty nasty considering this blog will soon become the focus of a police investigation, and once the digital forensic team has finished, no proxy is going to hide any individual IP address. Then again, you are responsible for 90% of the actionable offences on this blog, so would probably end up the focus of any police investigation. Remember, it was your persistent trolling that started this, and you did invite the victims of your trolling to this dormant blog because you thought you could troll them without the comments moderated or deleted.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for SEPT 1st. Will be be visited by Plod? or Will fuck all happen?....

Place your bets gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Can the real Rickie Doubleday please sign in......a simple apology can stop all this.....

But there again.........let it roll..

Anonymous said...

Will Barbara stand by her man...? Or will Barbara be charged also?......So many questions and so soon to be answered. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Wait a moment ......Is that a grown man crying?...

Anonymous said...

"a simple apology can stop all this".

You cannot stop anything, you are not in control.

letter sent= Police investigation

NO letter sent......Doubleday will probably still find out and then Police investigation.

Consequence will happen anyway.

Sorry cunts the apology option by Dioclese has ended.

let it roll indeed.....once you committed serious criminal were fucked.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Off Dimwit

Anonymous said...

Serious offences. Like yours you mean?

Anonymous said...


The ghost of Anna Raccoon said...

The finale

All coming soon to a troll called Rickie

Sleep tight Rickie

Anonymous said...

I certainly will do, as long as you think I am Rickie Doubleday its an absolute certainty.


100%.........remember glory hunters you were warned.

Anonymous said...

Sorry trollie, a little help neeeded deciphering you position here.
You said;
Sorry cunts the apology option by Dioclese has ended

How could an apology by Dioclese end this? How could you influence this outcome?

Surely the only person who could accept an apology would be the person who's address had been published?

So, if that isn't you, I ask again, how could you influence this outcome?

This is a genuine question, I have not published the address in any way, or named you as the individual who lives there, and wouldn't have, even if I had been trolled personally, and through investigations had found out the identity of said troll.

Trollwatch said...

Dio has nothing to apologise for

It's the troll that needs to apologise but we'd accept simply not posting nonsense and abuse any more

All he has to do is stop

Dioclese said...

Thank heavens
for little girls
cos little girls
get bigger everyday!

Lalala i've got a boner laalaala lol

Anonymous said...

Dioclese should have apologised publicly for naming an innocent victim that has lead to serious criminal offences being committed...I would have accpeted a genuine apology and fucked off.

I will not stop "posting" because of your threats to a random stranger.

I will not stop posting because you don't like my opinions on Anna Raccoon lies and fuck up.......she posted her views....I will do the same.

This big hole was caused by posting that mans fucked up big time

You fuck off.

I suspect the "mob" still have plans to shut me up.............its not going to happen twats...the hole is going to get a lot more deeper if you go after "glory"

Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Honest glory hunters.........the hero worship and congratulations around blogland that you think will come from being the "brave warrior" who slays the troll is just a fantasy that will turn into a horror.

Dickie Doubleday last posted 5-7 years ago?...he don't live in Upton...I aint him or live there.

There is no win but blog host fail.

Dioclese and Anna Racoon fucked with it.

Anonymous said...

Dioclese and norman the nonce prefer glory holes

The Old Bill said...

Impersonating someone with intent is a criminal offence
Calling someone a paedophile is libel and actionable in law

You're on sticky ground here Rickie
Cease and desist

Anonymous said...

Well trollie, I did ask politely, and you replied with vile accusations against Dioclese, and vitriol against anyone who questioned you. So, there goes any chance that anyone will listen to a word you say, not that there were many takers. Thank you for clearing that up, for saying nothing says everything. You are purely a childlike buffoon, with nothing to say, but insists on doing so.

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