Saturday, 15 October 2011

More Stupidity, But No One Will Get The Sack

"Move Along, No-one To Be Disciplined Here, Sir!"

We live in a time when calling 999 to report the theft of lead on a roof gets the response of "Sorry, it would be too dangerous for us to investigate because we'd have to use a ladder" and calling 999 to report an attack on a girl in a car gets allocated a 4-hour response target, but when some idiot reports a Canada Goose culled on a gold course the police farce swing into action, and the CPS waste public money prosecuting.

Fortunately in this case the magistrates threw it out, because:
1. The perpetrator had a perfectly valid shotgun licence
2. He had the requisite licenses to cull the goose for legal reasons
3. He had the permission of the golf course management to shoot on the premises

Ignoring the busy-body who reported it to the police, what is the mind-set of the police in bothering to pursue this whilst ignoring real crimes? It rather looks like the "go for the easy target" approach in my opinion.

The Penguin

PS Here's another fine example!


Anonymous said...

It seems to me R.P That those who report these incidents don,t know the damage these birds do.I think if the goverment want to go educating the public this sort of education should be high on the list.

banned said...

And here is another

"Police threaten to Tazer elderly woman for watering her neighbours garden". Reponse time? EIGHT MINUTES

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a Mash article. Badger? Constable? Deadman? At least he shot a birdie and not a bogey.

Captain Haddock said...

Quite right too .. feral Canada Geese have become pests in many parks and Nature Reserves ..

I've personally witnessed them bullying & drowning other, smaller water birds and being overtly aggressive towards walkers and children ..

Not to mention the mess which they leave behind .. hence the expression "Like shit through a goose" ..

As prolific breeders, with few natural predators, they need to be culled on a regular basis to keep numbers in check ..

Ciaran Rehill said...

I think we should support the police. I have got new found respect for Plod, especially since they offered to pay me small sums of money to inform on animal rights activists and UAF supporters...

Anonymous said...

re banned

Hertfordshire police always like a good rumble although not sure they're as 'good' as South Yorkshire police who like killing people