Thursday, 9 December 2010

Monkey Business

"Back In The Bad Old Days I Used To Sweep The Floor!"

I have no idea what the actual facts are in the murder of poor Anni Dewani, but there is a strong stench of corruption hanging over the South African Police handling of the case. I can understand that the authorities are concerned over the image of South Africa as a safe tourist destination, but this is hardly going to impress anyone with more than one brain cell.

Apart from the allegations of having confessions beaten out of the murderers, and the grubby plea-bargaining by the driver who is getting a lesser sentence for implicating the husband, it is beyond belief that the fuckwit in charge has declared not only Shrien Dewani to be guilty but that he is a monkey.

What hope for a fair trial in these circumstances?

The Penguin


Ron Broxted said...

You're implying that black people are monkeys. You're a racist. I'm going to denounce you to my comrades in the UAF !

Oooh Matron ! Free Tibet !

The Penguin said...

I think you'll find that it was a black person calling a brown person a monkey.

And oddly, we are all the same race, even piss-poor examples such as you.

Captain Haddock said...

No Racism involved here at all ..

Didn't you know that non-white people cannot be accused of, let alone convicted of Racism ? ..

Its the world's biggest "One Way Street" ..

Anonymous said...

Defamation of monkeys is a serious offence.

Anonymous said...

RB is being a silly billy, but that was a classic from the South African police chief...and remember you are a penguin.


Anonymous said...

Pot kettle - er -

FH said...

That police chief looks a bit like Idi Amin, not his son is it?