Friday, 26 October 2012

Same Old Same Old - Even If You Claim To Be "Communist!"

"Buy My Book Quick, Or I'll Fuck All Your Children!"

Well, what a surprise! The cunts at the top of the tree get extremely rich.

Who'd have thought it?

The Penguin


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Anonymous said...

What link you pathetic scum?

*********** said...

So this is the "home" of a paedophile who likes to fuck the handicapped.

Seems we are destined to meet then.And it won't be for tea and cake.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just when you think this sad depraved bastard couldn't sink any lower he goes and proves you wrong

Goatse said...

Go to this site fuckers >>>>> GOATSE.RU<<<<<<<<< THE LINK IS IN MY NAME CUNTS

Anonymous said...

That site is disgusting - just like you

Anonymous said...

Sad cunt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck off and take your goat with you. Fucking pervert.

Barbara Doubleday said...

Seems that Richard is now missing from this site. It only leaves anonymous input of anon v anon , believing each other to be the troll.

Richard has now left and gone to pastures new.

So long and goodbye Richard, no doubt you will visit soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm filling in for ricky while he's raving it up in Ibiza

Barbara Doubleday said...

Ibizia? I thought he was due to go in August?

Big Tits Bertha said...

The cunt never told me that he was going to Ibizia! He was going to take me to Alicante.....Twat!

Dave said...

Don't give me that shite. The old cunt is well past raving it up in Ibiza. Cromer or Great Yarmouth is more his style, the boring old twat

Anonymous said...

Perving is more Rickie's style. Great Yarmouth High School for Girls.

Sick thick troll.

Anonymous said...

One of his favourite haunts

just another cunt said...

The young and those with special needs are prime targets in the evening hours....aren't they ?

Her word against yours......thats why it didn't stick

Anonymous said...

Rickie sent me a postcard he is getting spasticated on pure alcoholic vapour in ibiza and dancing on the speakers

Anonymous said...

Surely you mean 'wanking on the speakers' ?

Anonymous said...

Tic toc, tic toc.

The wating is the worst bit aint it.

Anonymous said...

Ricky has now moved on to as punkape

Anonymous said...

Pathetic troll, friendless scum

Anonymous said...

Is that really Rickie as "Punkape" at

Reason I ask is the style is similar to Rickie's trolling. Lots of bum bandit and homo comments. However, how the fuck has Punkape got over 5000 posts there, if he is Rickie, without being banned?

Although they do abuse the shit out of each other over there, so maybe it's a no rules, fuck or be fucked kind of place.

Anonymous said...

Cuntscorner is the most hilariously dysfunctional forum i've ever come across it makes seem almost sane/tame in comparison

Apparently people don't get banned on cuntscorner they just get a week long cooling off period or something where they can't comment on posts.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Rickie has found himself a home, where he won't be banned, to continue his trolling addiction.

Anonymous said...

May have spoken too soon. Seems Punkape (Rickie) has had a few posts deleted and is being threatened with "cooler time".

Fuck, if he is too outrageous for cuntscorner that says a lot about his little brain and personality.

Someone there suggested Punkape is posting from inside the Scrubs. Change that to Broadmoor or Rampton then they will get the jist of him!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the brinkmanship, the blagging, the bullshit...oh how you laughed.

Tic toc , tic toc.

tis coming...I know when.

cunt init

Anonymous said...

Prick. I wonder if they know about this website? I think they should be told. At least the will know who they are being annoyed by.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Punkape and his brother Bob have a stall on Yarmouth market selling Elvis decorative mirrors and Star War themed ones.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think it would be rude not to tell those guys at cuntscorner that their little friend Punkape is Rickie. They should be told what a cunt he is.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be rude not to inform Geoff Viberts employer about the celebrations about Charlie Gard dying and everything else connected with his website.

How about a challenge?

you post about Punkape on cunts corner and I inform his employers immeditately

Let me know so I can check you have done so.

Put up or shut up cunt.

Anonymous said...

Games up now cunts...time to act.

Any other big mouths with daft stories want to challenge me

Anonymous said...

Hell one more comment about "Rickie" "Punkape" "Upton man"...and I send emails within minutes.

Games up cunts.

The clock has finished ticking.

Try and be clever cunts....see what happens.

Anonymous said...

This is it folks.....Zero tolerance is in force.

Intimidation , harrassment and threats to an innocent man...ends now.

consequences will be immediate.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Prick doesn't want his dirty secrets and his identity known by his new victims. Spunkape more like. Twat.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Viberts employers will be informed.

Monday morning they will have been notified.

Gilbraltar parking/Redibike/ and that IT company he is connected to will be informed.

Anonymous said...

Confirmation Punkass is Rickie. Rickie you are shitting bricks that the guys on cuntscorner find how who you really are.

We will tell them. Email them the link to the Penguin here. Weeks of material from them to read.

Spunky punky you are finished on cuntscorner. They are going to tear you a new arsehole. They hate you already but once they read about you it will all be downhill rapidly.

Hahaha....chou baby

Anonymous said...

Cunts corner??? can dream up what shite you like.

There aint no identity crisis with me...its facts backed up by action.

I doubt I will ever break the "mass denial" over who is Richard went all loony months ago.



Dioclese said...


SPUNKAPE said...

Wait ricky is back from Ibiza???

Anonymous said...

Out on remand more like.

Anonymous said...

One trick prick seems to have at least three identities on cunts corner. Sad, sad man.

Anonymous said...

Rickie loves talking to himself. 3 identities gives him more opportunities to talk amongst HIMSELF. Weird fucker

Anonymous said...

One way to get friends I suppose. Invent them in your own head. Pathetic twat. Also a closet gay, as he keeps going on about it so much, it must be his secret shame.

Anonymous said...

Games up lads.....daft nonsense is all part of the same intimidation about an innocent man.

Geoff Vibert owner of can explain his part in the criminal offences that occured over many months to his employers.

Anonymous said...

You will have some explaining to do yourself. What you reap, so shall you sow.

Anonymous said...

Rickie said :

'I doubt I will ever break the "mass denial" over who is Richard went all loony months ago.


So where is this response Rickie?? Again, we are left waiting. Fucking tedious. Still waiting for the grand finale you promised weeks and months ago.

Wake me up before you go, go.....

Rickie are you and George on the Heath tonight?

Although you don't live in London, do you Upton Man? Bet you wished you did, it's a sausage party there.

Anonymous said...

The response has been described yet you ignore it.

Why do you ignore my comments about contacting the employers of the owner of

That is one of the finales...ok cunt. I doubt Geoff Vibert will give anyone confirmation of it happening especially as its a police matter.

The other finale is what kept some morons here for 2000 posts.

Brinkmanship/blagging/bluffing.....when you got the wrong man you be fucked.

Anonymous said...

He is definitely a repressed gay, perhaps an uncle turned him onto it as a small boy. The only finale he really wants is a Latino rent boy ejaculating into his face.

Funny how you are ranting about Charlie Gard being talked about on ISAC, but happily joining in on the even more depraved discussion about him at cunts corner. Sad little man, a hypocrite always.

Dioclese said...


Anonymous said...

Thats the gay stuff again. Beats having any sense out of the vermin.

Anonymous said...

Email sent:

Dioclese said...

Please shit on my chest good sirs!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, time to go to cunts corner, paste a link to here, so that they know who and what they have on their site.

Shame, you and your sock puppet identities almost seemed to have found a home.

I see you like trolling the women on there. Then again it is one of your specialities.


Anonymous said...

@anon, the game is up, further threats will require me to act further.

Paul J Balban who is responsible for the PMO (parking management officers) has been notified.

The threats and harrassment to Richard Doubleday will end.

Upton Man said...

In case anyone at Cunts Corner needs to know, my name is Rickie Doubleday and I live at Acrefield, 9 Church Road, Upton, Norwich NR13 6AJ

Anonymous said...

RICKIE DOUBLEDAY is a nasty troll. He enjoys trolling women particularly. He has been involved with reprehensible behaviour towards a young disabled girl.

He is mentally unstable and has been treated at the Priory in Norfolk. He was recommended for sectioning but it was never implemented.

He uses real women's names with fake sexualised surnames as his internet handles on various sites and forums. These include the names of family members and other women. He is a really sick individual.

The fact that the administrators of have not banned Punkape (Rickie) as yet is a miracle.

He is sailing so close to the wind there,h having been suspended numerous times, but they are unaware of his true indentity and behaviour. This of course will change.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is a new member on cunts corner called Upton man. Coincidence?

Bye bye prickie.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahole thread recently started dedicated to Rickie (Punkape) at Cunts Corner.

They really do detest our Rickie.

Anonymous said...

Rickie, Rickie you're about to become homeless once the CC boys evict you or abuse you into the ground.

Don't worry you can come back here and we will invite them over too. Such fun, fun, fun....

Anonymous said...

I will inform the Gibraltar Chronicle next if any further harrassment or threats are posted.

Dicolese said...


Ian Watkins said...


Anonymous said...

Gibraltar chronicle notified by email.

The office of Paul J Balban will be contacted again if comments continue.

Anonymous said...

So, you prick.
You issue a threat, then troll yourself so you can carry it out.
What a prick.
But seeing as you started all this nonsense with your pathetic trolling, who is surprised?
Little Dick, the pointless prick.
If you finally came out of the closet, you might find a happiness that would mean you could leave annoying the web, and get a life.
Probably not.
Reap what you sow

Anonymous said...

He seems to fit in well at cunts corner. Either they are mostly him talking to himself, or there are more twats like him.

Anonymous said...

I don't need excuses to inform Geoff's employer.

He allowed the criminal offences to carry on for months.

I gave dioclese umpteen warnings about it being an innocent family.

You cunts ignore facts and proof and continue with the abuse.

Consequences will continue for you twats if you don't stop

Upton Man said...

Good luck informing Mr Viberts employers. He owns his own company you dumb cunt

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget :

Richard Doubleday, Acrefield, 9 Church Road, Upton, Norwich NR13 6AJ

Anonymous said...

What's it got to do with Dioclese? He's ignoring you

Anonymous said...

Rickie puts up lots of shit pretending to be Dio. He can't stand being ignored so talks to himself. Anyone who knows Dio can see they ain't genuine

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Rickie. We told you we will never stop outing you unless you stop trolling. You stop, we stop. Simple. Capiche?

Anonymous said...

Rickie will never learn. He is pathological troll. Trolling is in his genes.

Soon he will have lost another home at cunts corner. Wherever he goes he will be banned.

Rickie, Dickie, Sickie is a psycho.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Vibert is a parking management officer in Gibraltar , these "PMO's" are a new scheme started about a year ago, and is run by Gibraltar parking Management. Geoff's name along with others are listed as being registered to do that job, he is in a photo with all his colleagues on the companys website

Paul Balban is the traffic minister in Gibraltar responsible for running the parking scheme, he has been inforemd twice about Geoff.

Geoff is also on You Tube talking about Redibike , a bike scheme run by his company , Paul Balban also talks about the scheme.

Geoff also is involved in IT company..possibly self employed.

Geoffs family have a buisness in Jersey too.

There is no identity crisis with me...just facts, verifiable proof.

I wont post the address that I have found listed as his, because further checks seem to cast doubt as that being his current address.

I will continue to try and stop your abuse of an innocent family.....there are further consequences that don't involve Geoff too.

The game is up cunts..........I am not RICKIE from Upton.

Anonymous said...

So eloquent and erudite is Rickie. Here are a selection of recent posts by him as Punkape.

His posts are in these threads. Please scroll through to find. Anything he writes usually ends with the words 'Fuck Off'.

His wit and general repartee have not diminished as you can all see.

Anonymous said...

Remember Anon, further criminal offences are being committed by identifying Richard Doubleday as another person with the intent of causing harm.

I know its another silly guess fail and some kind of moronic gameplay...unfortunatley for you Richard Doubleday is an innocent victim and I am not him.

These further attempts at causing harm to Richard will involve consequences.

p.s. Geoff Vibert self employed and runs a company......yes.

Paul Balban is responsible for the PMO'S, How Geoff pays his taxes is not my concern.

your on cunts corner links to this site and the abuse here and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Rickie, your denials and threats are worthless. You the troll are Doubleday. No crime has been committed by those who identified you.

Let's see you (Rickie) in Court then. Tell Richard Doubleday to bring a civil case for defamation. Come on, let's go.......

Anonymous said...

More intelligent comment from Punkape (Rickie) on Cunts Corner.

Surely, you would think they would get bored of his shit.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has identified me.

I prefer not to worry Richard Doubleday and his family of the threats and harrassment aimed at him....anyone else can of course contact him.

Why not ask him yourself about the offences that have been committed.

You tell him cunt.

Wether Richard Doubleday finds out about whats happening or not...I will make sure consequences are delivered before I go.

The hole is getting deeper....none of your threats that may now involve more thugs threatening Richard does not worry me at can't do.

Punkape/ proof , no facts, no nothing.....its all based on fuck all.

The verifiable evidence are the offences that have been commited.

you ignorant twat.

They include Anna Racoon/Head rambles/Dioclese/Geoff Vibert and everyone else who has posted all manner of sick and twisted lies at Richard.....their IP addresses better have been hidden.

Anonymous said...

How was ibiza m8?

Anonymous said...

Hidden IP addresses like yours on 'Is a cunt' you mean? Proxies are your fave. Along with fake email addresses. Also stealing the log ons of genuine users.

How about the £5000 bet you turned down to prove you are not Ricard Doubleday? The psychiatric evidence from the Cyclist? The drug abuse? Great Yarmouth High School? Disabled girl?

I could go on and on....

You are fooling no-one except yourself.

Anonymous said...

Rickie the Troll Why don't you contact Doubleday????

Should be easy. You have his details. Although, asking yourself, seems a bit odd. Having said that you like talking amongst YOURSELF. (singular)

Anonymous said...

How about the £5000 bet you turned down to prove you are not Ricard Doubleday? The psychiatric evidence from the Cyclist? The drug abuse? Great Yarmouth High School? Disabled girl?

I think the £5000 will be a god send to the criminals who posted the above shite.

What would you do if you were accused online of the above???

Hey why don't you offer the £5000 bet to Punkape?....get him to prove he aint Richard Doubleday. lol

How about contacting Richard Doubleday yourself with £5k in your hand.

Go on soft got the big talk, big money, big ideas.

A dying woman has met him (Richard) already and proved the warm welcome she got.

You fucking arsehole....either do something about it or fuck off.

Anonymous said...

You are the thick cunt Troll. It is you who denies being Doubleday. You who denies trolling the websites of Anna Raccoon, Dioclese, Grandad. It is you who posts online abuse of these people and attacks their websites. You have hijacked this website to post attacks against ISAC and other sites since May 2017. It is you who pretends to be other people. You who insults and trolls women and girls.

It is YOU yhe Troll of many sites we have identified. So if you are NOT Doubleday why would you not take that bet?

Why would you not contact Doubleday whose welfare you constantly worry about? Why do you worry about this 'stranger' you claim not to know? Yet you do not write to him or advise him of what is going on?

It is obvious to all. You the Troll are indeed him. The one and same person.

It is you who needs to put up or shut up. Come on hard man. Tell Doubleday to bring a defamation claim. Otherwise shut the fuck up. We all know Richard Doubleday is a serial troll.

Anonymous said...

You tell Doubleday twat....go on tell him £5k is on the table...

You fucking idiot.

Holding on to the one last hope aint you?....there hasn't been the he must be Doubleday.

That will be shattered don't worry about that.

Anonymous said...

you got the bet, you are accusing him.

you do something about it...............cos Richard Doubleday has nowt to do with me.

thats your fucking invented it.

Anonymous said...

you invented the name, the character, the little girls, the disabled, the mental issues.

twat...I aint contacting a stranger on your behalf you fucking coward.

MOHAMMED said...


Anonymous said...

norman you slapheaded manc cunt... you're not fooling anyone so go back to dancing to the happy mondays in your council flat window with an england flag hung over your mantlepiece ouur laaad

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Mr Troll. Throwing toys out of the pram.

The bet is open to the Troll. The one who trolls ISAC, Anna Raccoon and Head Rambles. The Troll has to prove his ID by allowing us access to internet records etc. Since you are that troll it is YOU the bet is open to.

Now, if Richard Doubleday wishes to accept that bet then it will be done via a lawyer. He has to put the five grand and I will put up 5 grand. 10 in total in a pot held by the lawyer. Do you not understand the terms?

Once proof of identity is ascertained the winner takes the 10.

This was explained before. I am not scared to see Rickie face to face. But it is not to initiate the bet. That is a legal agreement, not some Mickey Mouse bullshit he can wriggle out from.

So if you're not Doubleday, since you called me a coward, let's meet up for a chat then? Or are you chicken? You have a big mouth it seems.

Anonymous said...

Go back to cunts corner with the other slow learners, you dumb shit.

Anonymous said...

Dioclese is a pretentious Butt plug who pays for midgets to shit on his chest

Anonymous said...

Btw the estate of Mr Doubleday are the owners of two large french mastiffs so by all means go round and try to intimidate him twats

Anonymous said...

C'mon Troll. Man up..

Face to face.


Anonymous said...

How do you know which dogs this complete stranger Richard Doubleday has??

Rickie you are a lying twat.

The estate?? Fucking small estate. Seen bigger council estates. Shitty little house with an overgrown garden and and outbuilding.

Rickie you have tucked yourself up once again.

Loving it!!

Anonymous said...

So you know Doubledick enough to know what dogs he has?
Twat, more lies and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

His dogs will rip your cocks off

ha ha

fuck off

Anonymous said...

Rickie proves time and time again to be of limited intellect.

Fuck it, why am I trying to analyse this cunt. He is so mentally retarded and stupid. He trips himself up, revealing his identity.

That avatar of the Upton Man being a Neanderthal gives the impression he is vaguely primate in nature. He is little more than a single cell amoeba.

Rickie get back to Cunts Corner. You have nowhere else where you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Doublecunt is a faggoty tranny.

Pretends to be women calling himself Beryl Cockstaff and Gertie Gusset.

Queer little cunt. Effeminate girly. Bend over Rickie. You like your tranny arse being butt fucked.

Anonymous said...

Doubletwat has said so many lies, and has so many identities, the stupid scum can't keep track of it all.
Shows how dumb they are over at cunts corner, even when they are told, they are too thick to work it out.
No wonder he's managed to stay on the site for so long.

Punk ape, frank, bubba c, withered scrote, decimus, all big one mental reacharound.

Anonymous said...

So sad. Downs Syndrome. It was her word against yours. She was not believed and you walked.
She was not capable of lying......but you were.

You are a cunt.

As for your psychiatric history. Yes I did know you. You were one sick twat. You well know a "cyclist by any other name"..after all , YOU gave me that name. Remember? Remember the CPN?

Of course you do.

I have not been around for a while, but my friends have.

One of these days, your DNA WILL be sampled. Perhaps that young girl will then be believed. I do hope so.

Anonymous said...


Bronson said...


Bronson said...


Anonymous said...

norman has 2 litre pepsi bottles full of stale piss stashed under his bed along with old spunk stained copies of stoat fanciers weekly

Anonymous said...

Sad little man, full of bravado online, a shit scared little ponce in real life.
Pathetic cuckold.

Anonymous said...

You fucking coward. How come you are 100% certain of my identity get you will not contact the address you believe to be mine.

Go on Billy big bollocks take your £5k and offer the bet to Mr Doubleday....cos at the moment your hesitation makes you look a cunt.

I wouldn't worry about losing the money soft's the police investigation after that you will have to deal with will the cunt

Go on lurkers and anons ...grow some bollocks and do something.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off back to cunts corner you shivering blob of piss.

The internet equivalent of playing with crayons.

Upton Man said...

Oh the irony!

Upton Man has been banned from Cunts Corner for posting Rickie's details. The report of abusive behaviour is you click a button and the reported person is banned was by one of Rickie's many glove puppets. Oh the irony!!!!

Here's a question for you Rickie cunt. You bang on about the innocent Upton family and not wanting to distress them. Has it not occurred to you that they've already been told in person by Anna Raccoon?

You are just so full of shit. Your bullshit doesn't even make sense.

Anonymous said...

Are there any real people on cunts corner? It comes across as a bunch of dysfunctional cretins repeatedly calling each other cunt. I can see how Rickie thrives there, like bacteria growing on a turd.

Anonymous said...

Come on billy big balls, there is £5k to be won , just contact Doubleday and explain if can prove he aint an online troll £5k can be his.

Maybe take your lawyer along to draw up the agreement...perhaps a criminal lawyer eh!


Except you fucking ignorant cunt, you aint so sure are you?...and talking to a complete stranger who has been threatend online, called a kiddie fiddler, had Anna Racoon reveal his wifes serious medical history and his so called mental health history made public......and all the rest of the threats and harrassment over several months by cunts who mock Charlie Gards death and abuse women online...makes you think twice don't it?

Maybe he will take the £5k which he will win and you apologise on behalf of the twats in hiding who are reading this.

Come on billy big balls...dont look for some other cunt to do it for you....the little old lady has made a visit and came back after a lovely cup of tea and small talk in their garden, it all ended in a very civil manner according to Anna Racoon.

Go on cunt....there is a mob hoping to "out me" and thats a racing certainty in your opinion, and you could win £5k.

Off you trot lad.

Upton Man said...

makes you think twice don't it?


Anonymous said...

Rickie you dickhead you think I'm stupid enough to set foot on your property so that you can acuse me of something/anything? That is the reason I will not go to your house to front you with the bet offer. Besides you have refused to accept it. So why waste my time.

You want to meet in a public place to talk then let's do it. You are such a chicken. Fed up with your mouthing off online. You are a pussy and a wimp. You only troll and threaten women. Can't be man enough to meet face to face.

Anonymous said...

Doublefool doesn't need to be outed by anyone else. He has done it himself.

Too stupid to recognise that even yesterday he stated:

"Anonymous said...

Btw the estate of Mr Doubleday are the owners of two large french mastiffs so by all means go round and try to intimidate him twats
1 August 2017 at 17:43"

How would the Troll know about Rickie's dogs when he claims he is a complete stranger?

Rickie you're an epic fail.

Upton Man said...

Oh dear. Rickie's details and links to this page appear to have been posted to Cunts Corner. In case they're deleted again, I urge all readers of this comment to post links over there to the comments on this site so they can all see what Rickie / Punkape is all about.

I'm sure they'll find his psychiatric history fascinating

Let's spread the good news

Anonymous said...

I would like a screenshot of that post on cunts corner.This is evidence.

Please give details or links.

@Coward, you can take your Lawyer along with you or your mummy,...nah nobody has the balls to meet face to face with Mr Doubleday with a bet of £5k with them.

contacting Paul Balban hasn't changed anything yet, the finale won't do either.

Still going ahead with it though.


Anonymous said...

I told you Rickie I will meet you face to face. You do not read good (sic).

The bet doesn't involve showing up with a brown paper bag with 5 grand in it. It involves you and me depositing 5 each, in a lawyer's client account. You got 5 grand to deposit? Judging by your failed businesses probably not.

Once again shit or get off the pot. Your slipping and sliding weasel words are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Baxk in the balmy days of June, the Troll posted as follows...

Richard Doubleday said...

6 June 2017 at 16:11

The following weekend there was so sign of him. Anyone hoping to a face to face meeting with this chinless nonce will have to watch his house and then follow him. He is such a shit scared twat you would never get to meet him otherwise.

Obviously, what anyone does with this information is their business. I am not suggesting anything.

Anonymous said...

Nice MX5 you have eh Dioclese would be a shame if your address somehow got posted all over the place wouldn't it twat.

Anonymous said...


I have told you before my identity will remain unknown.

The big fucking flaw in all your posts coward is your insistence on meeting me!!, you fucking arsehole whats wrong with meeting Richard Doubleday??, you have his address and means to contact him.


every time you insist on meeting me and not Richard Doubleday you make yourself look a fucking twat.

Why are you so scared coward??....Anna Racoon has given a full account of a pleasant meeting with Doubleday.

Take your money and grow some balls and find out for yourself what ignorant cunts you all were to believe Dioclese and his phone book guess.

My Identity remains private....fuck off and do something about it coward.

Its contact Doubleday or nothing.


I got the finale to prepare....thats been modified. its more complicated now.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Still can't cope with dio ignoring you can you Rickie?

Still banging on about the phone book bollocks when you know it's not true

Still taunting dio on a site he's now even reading for posting stuff he's not posting over on a site that's he got fuck all to do with

Do you have any grasp of reality?

Get the message. He's not interested. Irritating isn't it?

Anonymous said...

'now'? 'not'
Fucking autocorrect

Inspector Clouseau said...

What a detective you are Rickie.
Dioclese blog, Shitipedia, A is for Audi, 2012
"I drive an MX5"

Bet he's shitting himself at that revelation
Assuming he reads this crap of course. Which he doesn't.


Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous person who offered the bet.

I noticed you did not want to meet him at his home. So if you need any information on Richard's daily routine or where you can find him out and about do not hesitate to ask. Upton is a small place.I live fairly locally to him and do know of him. Good luck.

THE FINALE said...

Having read the last few days posts it looks like a finale is coming. Not one that Ricky has thought about. About time too.

Anonymous said...

Its the only way cunts.


off you trot twats.

Anna Racoon just pulled up and saw them in the garden


Anonymous said...

Surprised she saw anything through that jungle of weeds. But back then the Doubleday's trimmed their bushes.

Hang on a minute. Thought the troll didn't know Doubleday. It was never published anywhere how she encountered them. Funny old world. The troll/Rickie gives more away each time.

Anonymous said...

The FlidSpack thinks he really is more than one person.

Anonymous said...

Funny old world aint it.............none of you twats have read Anna Racoons account which describes the whole fiasco minute by minute.

wayback machine still has it.

It was the forensic lab and her gps scanner that tracked Doubleday, nowt to do with Dioclese address out of the phone book at all.

It was all published and still is...oh and the bit where she left convinced he was no troll.

We have been down this road before, you claiming only I know stuff....the last twat who tried that got shot down and fucked off....Anna Racoons account is still available...the details are somewhere in the 2000 posts here.

Mass/mob denial is a funny old thing aint it....even when you have the means to find out the truth you prefer to be in ignorance scared of what you will find out.


YOU INVENTED THIS SHIT.....I aint contacting him cos you made up shit about a perfect stranger.

Dioclese...why not get that fucking twat to do it for you...its him who statred the ball rolling.

That coward just lurks on here shitting himself.

Anonymous said...

What date was it published on her blog? To find it on Wayback Machime.

Anonymous said...

If Doubleday is a victim of a crime why has he not reported it?

Why have you not told him about the latest stuff if you care so much? Your answer that you don't want to worry him is nonsensical.

You are talking bollocks as usual.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry here is the link from Wayback machine.

Read the comments below her blog entry. Anna and everyone else there knows it was Doubleday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes read the account, there is nothing to be scared of.

I won't inform him because I choose not to inform him about the shit that has been invented about him.

Cos I know he is an innocent victim...simple really.

You ignorant twats think different so find out for yourselves

Cowardly bedroom anons

Anonymous said...

No-one is scared of you Rickie. The comments section beneath the blog entry tell the story.

You are sick. You fucked up and got caught with your cock in your hands.

Have you told Barbara what is going on?

Bye bye Rickie.

Anonymous said...


Anna Raccoon outed him correctly

Read the comments, hers especially, below her blog entry. Anna and everyone else who commented knew it was Doubleday.

Anonymous said...


Anna Raccoon outed him correctly

Read the comments, hers especially, below her blog entry. Anna and everyone else who commented knew it was Doubleday.

Anonymous said...

You are without doubt, one of the stupidest cunts I have ever seen. Your pathetic bleating about you innocence has been completely ruined by your own insistence of looking at Anna Raccoons article, where it is clear to anyone who can read that you are the sad cunt troll, little fatty wanking prick.
How can you be so stupid, and work out how to use a computer?
Your life must be so shit that you do this sad trolling. I almost pity you.
Then I remember how much of a pathetic little twat you are, trolling women, and generally being an annoying cunt.
And laugh.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely brilliant how he insisted we read Anna Raccoon's blog to PROVE his INNOCENCE.

The comments beneath the blog entry from Anna herself PROVE his GUILT !!

The village of Upton is missing it's idiot.

Anonymous said...

If it was my sick wife the dickless fuck was trolling, I don't think I could have shown the same restraint.

Trollwatch said...

Anna Raccoon's account on her blog was somewhat tongue in cheek. The Trollwatch team have a detailed e-mail of the full encounter. It contains the phrase "there is no doubt in my mind that we have found the right person"

Anonymous said...

Looks like your certainty has made fuck all difference to me and nor will it.

If anyone manages to grow a pair of balls and contacts Doubleday and he discovers the crimes against will find out the hard way

Geoff Vibert got outed.

The finale is coming.

I'm more than happy with the consequence yet to be done as justice served.

Just remember soft twats...all it needs is one person to contact Doubleday can't control feral morons..

Then justice will be served by the your £5k it may come in handy as an out of court backhander.

You soft cunts....Anna Racoon defender of the wrongly wonder she has so many enemies online..

She didn't give two shits about proof or facts.

there isn't any, all you have produced is a virgin up address that can't be Upton.

All dioclese has is the phone book.

Anna Racoon didn't even have an IP address for Doubleday...he wanted to know how she found him.

Yet she lied about tracking him down by using it.

You fucking ignorant facts, no proof and no balls to go and find any.

And no way of silencing me either.

Dioclese was a twat for ignoring evidence to publish the address and Anna Racoon is a nasty cow accusing Doubleday to save face cos she fucked up .

You cunts ignore any kind of evidence and blindly follow those wankers.

Anonymous said...

You haven't got any evidence though, dickhead.
Fuck off back to cunts corner, you deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Listen Rickie. You don't have a leg to stand on.
These people that you despise so much didn't ask you to troll them. It was only after sustained attempts to troll their blogs that they found out who you were. These are respectable people, who do not go about slandering other people for no reason. You trolled and wouldn't stop, like a childish little twat. Now, everyone knows who you are, and nobody gives a shit, because you are meaningless.
So fuck off, there's a good boy.

Anonymous said...

They slandered out of desperation and fucked up.

The proof of course is by contacting Doubleday...see how he reacts to what's been directed at him.

I haven't contacted the police..the victim is not me.

You cunts want to ignore the truth and contact him for fear of the consequences and what a fucking fail the whole lark has been.

Go on soft twats ,let him know about it all,after you reckon it's me don't you.

You can't have it both ways...all mouth and big talk but scared of doing fuck all.

You wankers


You're up early Ricky Doubledouche. Couldn't sleep...Shitting yourself, no doubt.

This Penguin blog you re-started needs more visitors, don't you think? There is so much we have learned about you these past months. Time to share with a bigger audience. It starts in Upton, then Great Yarmouth, next Norwich, onto Norfolk, out into Great Britain, ultimately the World.....oh yeah and Cunts Corner.



Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget Barbara Doubleday..she should know too.

Start with her soft lad.

You aint learned nothing about me, the only thing you have learned is to follow your leader without thinking.

Dioclese isnt ignoring me......he fucking hides just in case I ask him questions, lurking like a twat or coming on here as an anon.

You can't avoid the elephant in the room cunts.......Doubleday can easily be contacted .

Fucking cowards.


Doubleday is the elephant in the room. All the problems stem from him!!













Upton Man said...

FFS twat. 99% of the dioclese posts on here were clearly written by you. You abuse people on other blogs pretending to be him. He's answered all your so called questions then left you to it.

Read his latest comment on ISAC yesterday. But you can't because you're blocked so here it is ----

"He hates me with a passion. He's told so many lies about me, imitated me on various blogs and posted filth and even pretends to be me over at the Penguin.

I was tempted to go take a look when i read this comment but I decided several weeks back to ignore him so I haven't even looked at what's been going on over there. I've been around long enough for people to know that the shit he's posted pretending to be me wasn't written by me.

I particularly like the way he bangs on about threats and intimidation whilst threatening and trying to intimidate me. It drives him nuts that I completely ignore him so he glove puppets me and talks to himself. Kid you not.

Over the years he's trolled Longrider, Grandad, Pat Nurse, Captain Ranty (RIP), Anna Raccoon and several others. He's glovepuppeted me, Sir Limply, Kath Gillon, Serena, Flaxen Saxon and countless others. He has several !og ons at Cunts Corner. He even abuses his own alter egos just to disrupt blogs.

He is genuinely certifiable..."

Doesn't sound like a man hiding to me or posting as anon or even reading this blog any more?

Anonymous said...

Rickie said......"If anyone manages to grow a pair of balls and contacts Doubleday and he discovers the crimes against will find out the hard way"






Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget Barbara Doubleday..she should know too."

She does know Richard. She was there when Anna popped by. Does she join in trolling too? Or she in blissful ignorance of your past time?

Anonymous said...

This is hillarious, no matter how many times I tell you to contact Doubleday you avoid the question or come back with a diversion.

Ok lets try this one:

Tell the neighbours about Doubleday the online troll, tell them about Ranting Penguin....go on soft tarts.

you fucking cretins.

Dioclese hasn't the balls to answer questions.....I want to know how he got the address?....that little beauty of a question.


The fucking ididot shoved an address online....yet is scared to say how he obtained it.

Why the fuck is everything so scary?....contacting Doubleday, his neighbours or even posting any facts or proof or evidence on this blog.

An address got selected?????..........dosen't any of any you want to know how he did it.


Dioclese does what he does best.... rant on like he did in the copy and paste stuff above and avoid the subject....he has always avoided posting about it?

Im here 2000 posts later still answering questions, still want to talk about it, still telling you to contact Doubleday or his neighbours.

its all fucking stupid denial....Lets talk about Anna Racoon lies infested blog post and all that daft forensic lab stuff....all you want to comment about is when the mob denial starts in the comments below.

There is a complete stranger living in Upton who is an innocent victim and nothing will change that.

Dioclese posted the address and all you cunts want to talk about is how he ignores me and isnt here....well that twat selected that address for a reason...and you should want to know why...I fucking do.

I don't detest Dioclese ignoring me....its his avoidance to face questions about the address.....why hasn't he got the bollocks to tell anyone.

phone book perhaps....yeah dead right.

Anonymous said...

Dioclese isnt shy about his googling of Richard Doubleday....hell know all those facts and evidence about him its undisputable...he knows the fucking lot.

Nice work Dioclese...great clever cunt.

How did you obtain the missed that bit....err how did Anna Racoon obtain the address too.

Come on cunts this isnt some gameplay...some mind games.


That isnt a trick would fucking sink my ship if I was day dioclese decided to shove an address up on ISAC.

And not once ever did anyone ever question how he got fucking sheep twats you wont question it now, you didn't then.

You too scared to fucking do anything.


lets try a new one:

contact Dioclese and ask him?

There soft lads thats not so scary is it.


Anonymous said...

Sink your ship?

It has been holed below the waterline and is lying on the seabed. Lying, just like you. It has more holes in it than the Titanic and Bismarck combined.

It was you yesterday who was telling everyone to read Anna's blog. It would vindicate you so you claimed. You soon changed your tune, as instead it incriminates you. So now it's a pack of lies. Have you forgotten or do you have a memory like a goldfish?

You still don't give a good reason not to tell Richard Doubleday, who you care so much about. A stranger who you continually defend yet do not know.

Come on Rickie, even you must realise you doth protest too much. Give up, you're wasting your wanking time churning out cow dung. There is nobody left to listen except you and your imaginary friends.

Anonymous said...

Anna Racoons blog is full of half arsed silly lies ..forensic labs/gps scanner...all done via an IP address which she then claim she didn't have when Doubleday asked............its half cocked fucking nonsense.

The whole silly tale of talking to the postman to narrow down the location cos her equipment wasnt that accurate wouldn't fool a 6 year old.

The whole nonsense is based on Dioclese address ...but Anna being Anna thought she would be a smartarse and start getting all techno about stuff she is clueless about...she left the house thinking he wasn't the troll for crying out loud.

I wont tell Doubleday...I prefer making Dioclese look a complete wanker for posting the address with nothing to back it up with but hope and the consequence that will occur is good enough for me.

I am not defending Richard Doubleday...I am calling Anna Racoon a fucking liar and Dioclese a fucking fool and all the others who believe them are sheep who question nothing.

The "troll mob" have committed criminal offences...let the cunts squirm over their errors.

I welcome any investigation/comtact regarding Doubleday...if someome wants to start the ball rolling an inform him then do wont be me.

I didnt make this shit up...all the lies and accusations....I am not doing anything.

Why dont you ask Dioclese how he obtained the address?

Why don't you contact Doubleday? all reckon its whats the problem.

ElephantS in the room aint going away cowards and sheep.


fucking £5k bets......big talk, big tales, big money, big lies.

big twats....Dioclese and grandad and the rest of the silly shits who have posted stories about kiddie fiddling/mental health/financial details/personal details/threats/intimidation.

This could haunt you cunts forever.

The more you accuse me of lying under different names will appear like a mob who can't be wrong....then some soft arse could well inform Doubleday.

Perhaps even the one who pretends to be Dioclese...COS THATS NOT ME EITHER.

I told Dioclese he can't control what happens, the trollwatch team can' are playing with fire idiots.

I will stay and enjoy the show and do nothing

Anonymous said...

What kind of loonball tracks someone down and goes to their house over a few nasty internet comments? christ grow a thicker skin or don't make a blog detailing your whole life.

Anonymous said...

Anna Racoon did just that....she was never trolled, there were no nasty comments either, about 5 in one day only

The wayback machine proves that was harmless comment regarding others and nothing about her.

She went for glory all hurt and disraught that someone would dare visit her blog and make comments she didnt agree or like.

Then her followers gather around her comforting the poor dear about a nasty troll.

You couldnt make it up...well Anna did.

Wrongfull accusations and lies her lifetime lobbying soon got forgotten.

Anna Racoon has caused much of the criminal offences , not deliberately so much, just by being naive and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments already on this piece of shit blog. How many times do you want your 'questions' answered?

Anonymous said...

Look at mister innocent talking to himself again. What a prick.
Why don't you go and find some terminally ill women to troll, you love that shit.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off back to cunts corner, the only site that will have you. Cos it's full of twats like you, and twats who are you.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I'm that interested in that blog but she banged Ricky to rights. Nailed him to a cross, along with a few others. I thought his shrink and the border authority guys did a top job of outing him. Then that guy with the bet Rickie refused.

That stuff about the Down's Syndrome girl is outrageous. He walked from that one it seems.

So even if the online trolling had not been him (which it is) then the revelations from the UKBA and his doctors is far, far worse. That is real life sordid stuff, where they named him. No ifs and buts. They treated and knew him in a professional capacity at the Priory in Norwich. He avoids talking about these issues. Avoids trying to blag his way out of those accusations.

ISAC said...

Once upon a time, a sad little man from Norfolk called Rickie, who'd tried really hard and failed at being a businessman, was given a computer. "Oh" thought he, "what could I use this for?" and he discovered blogs.

"This is wonderful" he thought because now he could tell the world all about the evils of cigarettes. So he found a blog and posted lots and lots of comments all about smoking. But the blog owner got pissed off with his endless rants and blocked him.

He tried a few more. They blocked him too. This pissed Rickie off greatly so he changed tactics. Then he found a blog run by a bloke called Dioclese. At first he was very restrained and praised Dio for his attitude to free speech, but he just couldn't resist returning to his favourite hobby horse - smoking. Dio told him he should stick to the subject, but he took no notice.

It came to pass that a circle of bloggers Rickie had been annoying was formed and they shared information about him. It seemed Dio had got off light, because Rickie had lost the plot with many of the others, posting witty comments like "cunt cunt cunt" hundreds of times day! So the circle closed and they all blocked him.

And the circle were mightily pissed off and starting digging around. Seems Rickie was not so tricky and foolishly used his real name way back when.

Now Dio was admin on a blog called ISAC at the time so Rickie trolled it. It got many more readers than lots of the others, so Rickie could share his wisdom with nice big audience. But the circle closed again. Dio blocked him and displayed his name and address on the site. Rickie was furious!!! Now the whole world knew he really was a cunt!!! Not only that, they knew where he lived!

Then a brave terminally ill lady called Anna Raccoon discovered Rickie only lived just down the road so she popped in for a cup of tea and a deep meaningful chat. Anna confirmed that this really was Rickie the Troll and, from her experience working in mental health, confirmed he was a sociopath with deep feelings of inadequacy.

So in order to give him an outlet for his condition, Grandad set up a blog called "The Troll's Lair" where some of his wittier comments were reproduced. Ironically, Rickie refused to troll it. Shame really.

So now Rickie hates Anna and Dio and Grandad even more and spends all his time trying to break through the block on ISAC so he can protest his innocence and tell everyone they've got the wrong man.

But they haven't and he's still an inadequate little cunt with sociopathic tendencies who's failed in life and spends all his time pointlessly raging on the internet.

And the moral of this story? If you're going to be a cunt, don't use your real name.

ISAC said...

Anna Raccoon September 3, 2016 at 5:52 pm
Fear not – the system knew that, just takes a couple of seconds to kick in. It has to resolve the proxies first. It’s trying to imitate Dioclese and Grandad now – strangely, very strangely, repeating word for word what Richard said to me this morning. Odd that.

Still innocent Rickie?

ISAC said...

Anna Raccoon September 4, 2016 at 8:12 am
Whatever doubts I had yesterday were dispelled when the troll returned to this blog and started spouting the precise same phrases ‘Richard’ had used to me in the garden in the morning. ‘You’ve got balls to come up this garden path in search of a troll’.

Not only did that sentence perfectly identify him, but it also illustrated that he was perfectly aware that a woman abused by a man on line might well have something to fear from meeting that man in person. It was for exactly that reason that I was determined to find out who was behind the computer putting such abuse on this blog – knowing that he was within a couple of miles of my house, I wanted to know what he looked like, so that I wasn’t in danger of inadvertently inviting such a creature into my own home – he could have been my postman, the man who trims our trees every year, the man who fitted our new carpet last week – I needed to know in order to protect myself.

I do now. I also know that he is a spineless hypocrite.

For whilst I have for 5 years made it a rule not to mention my deteriorating health unless there was something to celebrate or something amusing – when his wife started cross questioning me as to how I came to be at their house first thing in the morning, she was suspicious that I had given him (before I knew that he had a wife!) a generic answer as to ‘where I came from’, I gave her a specific answer – and told her why. In the process I also showed her my hospital letter for the scan which I was still holding. She naturally, asked further health questions and when I replied that I had cancer which had spread, she asked what treatment I was having – for she too had had lung cancer. I explained that after 5 years I was beyond treatment, and in the final stages of terminal cancer – I showed her my morphine patch.

I didn’t want his wife, obviously a caring woman, to have any fears about the person who had come to her house.

So. To do what I hate doing, and pull the victim card, when Mr Doubleday decided to return to my blog last night and continue his abuse, under a variety of false names, in the name of ‘fun’, as he put it – he did so in the full knowledge that I was a dying woman – that he had met – that he was abusing.

Which makes his professed reasons for his actions all the more despicable. He says, though what his words are worth is debateable, but he says, to others, that the reason he has done this is that I appear on a blogroll of bloggers. Also on that same list appears another blogger who is admin for yet another site (not on the list). His reason for his angst is this other site which he alleges abuses women including dead women.

Now that I am on the same list, he feels entitled to abuse this dying woman in the name of vengeance on behalf of other dead women on a blog which has a tangential connection to a blogger who appears on the same blogroll as me.

Given my professional experience with mental health, it is probably a lot easier for me to try and follow that convoluted line of thought than it is for the average man in the street. Madness produces lots of strange thoughts.

SO RICKIE you're not the bloke in Upton, you've never trolled Anna Raccoon, and you claim you hate ISAC because it trolls dying women.


Anonymous said...

Odd ain't it that the whole blog post of hers was full of lies and you choose to believe that one comment.

What about the resolving proxies shit?

How come the real ip address never gets a mention with another one of her gadgets that
She has.

You know the ip address that was
Used to track the troll.

Dioclese had a full account off blog.

Where the fuck is it? And why has it never been posted.

Just another question...just saying.

Dioclese hides for a reason cunts

Anonymous said...

Way back machine shows the proof...the trolling was all about a couple of fucks or cunts or something.

In other words fuck all....she hasn't deleted her posts that detail it all.

Show us the trolling...go and find it, read her response about her outrage that someone appears late at night and one night only and disrupts her blog.

It's complete bollocks....

Walking up to someone's house all angry cos her blog was used for a couple of spoof posts.

Silly cow.

No facts no proof no reason to visit Doubleday, just fucking lies cos she was passing his house and knew about dioclese fake address

Anonymous said...

Every time I see one of those articles about people going online, pretending to be young girls to trap some dirty old man into meeting them and outing them as a kiddy fiddler, I always check the name of the dirty cunt who got busted, because one day, I'm sure Rickie is going to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

You're sounding rattled Rickie.

Punkape said...

Make your mind up.
First you admit to disrupting her blog then you say it's bollocks.
Contradiction. You do it all the time

A good liar needs a good memory. A goldfish has a better memory than you

Fuck off cunt

Anonymous said...

I don't think that this is Punkape. Punkape has got a very good knowledge of Cheshire, enough to suggest that is where he livs.

Anonymous said...

There are a few of us on cunts corner who despise frank/punkape etc he has ruined it for all. The admin say his ip is not in Norfolk but the site security is useless.
Any info to destroy the little turd would be useful.

Anonymous said...

I am aware Punkape is particularly disliked at Cunts Corner. The person known as Rickie who is the troll of many sites ALWAYS uses a proxy IP address and usually a fake email.

A bit of advice is to check are Punkape and other users logging on with proxy IP's. Rickie often uses an address out of Singapore. He also uses the Netherlands and others but Singapore crops up regularly. If you have more than one user name being used by the same underlying person, are they using same proxy or the same proxy series then chances are it is the same person behind the those user ID's.

Obviously if you are all using proxies then it is harder to detect the validity of users. If your system provides your admin guys with user IP addreses, going through the history of posts will help them determine any patterns.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Also look for 'Rickism's' in posts. Rickie does use "cunt init" a lot. Spelt with one N in init.He also says "Fuck off" a lot at the end of posts which Punkape does too.

Another favourite is using women's names e.g Beryl Cockstaff, Gertie Gusset among others. The first name will be a normal name followed by a sexualised surname. Barbara and Carolyn too followed by a sexualised surname. Daz the Smackhead is another although male.

References to places in Norfolk are common, particularly Great Yarmouth, referred to as Yarmouth, as locals do, plus pubs, and other places. Pretending to be a "hard man" when in fact he is the opposite. Calling people "queer" and "twat".

There are more 'Rickism's' but I can't remember right now.

Anonymous said...

He says he is from Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

Punkape may not be Rickie but just because someone claims to be from somewhere is no guarantee of it being true. Rickie is a pathological liar and has pretended to be many people from many different places.

For all I know Rickie is originally from Cheshire or has connections there. Someone else may know more about his younger days.

Anonymous said...

The thing is I have developed a pathological hatred for this Rickie cunt, whether he is trolling cunts corner or not, this individual sounds like someone who should be battered to fuck and hung out to dry. Problem is where do you restrict free speech?

Anonymous said...

Seems that Cunts Corner has been a bit stirred up by 'Dioclese' who also seems to be 'Upton Man'
I doubt either of these is actually dio. The big red box with 'FAKE' written in it is a bit of a giveaway. Its a gravatar linked to dio's old email address. He explains it on ISAC if you dig back on the blog.

Seems Rickie's been stirring up more shit?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Roop at Cunts Corner was very quick to block them both. I'm sure the real Dioclese wouldn't object to that.

She was also quick to defend Punkape although why he's not blocked too seems odd. Perhaps they are the same person. How the hell can you tell in this fucked up medium?

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for what goes on at Cunts Corner but with the blogs Rickie had been known to troll he added nothing to the debate. He just wrote insults and inane shit to disrupt the debate. If he actually expressed opinions or disagreed that would have been fine. He got banned from so many blogs for being a destructive disruptive cunt rather than a cunt with a different opinion.

Opinions are like arseholes... everyone has one. But just being an arsehole without a real opinion other than to undermine free speech is pointless.

Anonymous said...

I love this shit....all the diversion shite.

Punkape...tell billy big balls with the £5K to challenge him with the

Anyway back to Anna Racoon:

Thats what I love about the Wayback machine it shoots down the wankers,the ignorant everytime.

1. first it was the stuff I posted about that nobody could know about who wasn't in the meeting with Anna....that one fucked orf when Anna 's post got linked too and everyone could read it word for word.

2. Then it was all the date confusion about me knowing stuff ....that got shot down when the wayback machine was used as evidence.

3. then the trolling of Anna....that gets shot down because it was not trolling but spoof posts over an couple of hours "for one night only" like when Elvis did his shows.,,again the wayback machine trumps...old wives tales and wishfull thinking.



Of course the main reason Richard Doubleday gets convicted as a troll is because of her claims yet the fucking tale of hers if full of lies and shit and it can be proven to be so.

IP address? was used to track down the troll wasn't it??....never mentioned on her blog and nobody else claims she has one...the only IP address posted on here as proof....yes they attempted another lie!! was a Virgin Media one....couldn't be Upton Norfolk 100%

Of course IP ADDRESS aint any good tracking anyone down someones house...poor old Anna didn't know , she just bullshitted.

SO EXACTLY HOW DID DIOCLESE OBTAIN THAT ADDRESS??....only joking folks...we have been over and over that one for months...the big reveal aint going to happen is it.

Its a funny old world aint it.....An address gets shoved up to intimidate and threaten me...yet its has no effect on me whatsoever cos its false.

2000 posts of claims and claims and certainties that address is correct and Richard Doubleday is a troll....2179 posts and months and months on ISAC too....the mob had me nailed.

All the tough talk....all the stories , all the lies about me hiding in that house scared of answering the door, all the threats about posting information in the area about litle girls....its endless shit and nothing but shit....oh and the five grand.


Geoff Vibert....yeah you tried silly shit there too until I posted facts and proof you didn't think I Knew....for Fucks sake I can list every Parking management officers name in Gibraltar...I know who geoff answers too. (Paul Balban).

Its been one long fail....Dioclese fucked up, Anna Raccon fucked up, Geoff Vibert got outed and you have committed criminal offences and the biggest laugh of all is you wont even admit to dropping Richard Doubleday a postcard telling him to look at this site.

Dioclese is ignoring me lol...Anna Raccon is still many months later tweeting away..she wont ever say anything...I did ask her some questions via her blog back in the day....I reckon that was more trolling according to her.

There you go lurkers , the 2 people who started the fairy tale have always kept quiet about answering questions.


Anonymous said...

Just a message lads.

Cunts Corner/Punkape.

You fucking bastards getting me wound up and confused...stop it, stop it.

I don't like it

THE TRUTH said...

OFF THE TROLL GOES AGAIN. RANTING AWAY. Well it is the Ranting Penguin. Or is it the Ranting Rickie?

Richard Doubleday and his wife must have an idea what is going on. They got the visit from Anna Raccoon....capiche? entiendes?

Just in case they didn't since you claim not to be Ricky or know him,but you care passionately about his well being. YOU FUCKING TELL HIM!! Not very caring of you not to, but of course since you are him ( or a relative or a friend) he/you know exactly what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Can i have a link to the dioclese made upton man account on cuntscorner and his posts ?

Anonymous said...

Another Anna Racoon lie...thanks for bringing it up (truth)...I wish I could edit my last long post and add this one to.

Anna says she told him all about his so called trolling and whats been happening.


Anna made comments about his wifes serious health history....thats cos she knew the Doubledays couldn't read her blog or knew about it.


Why has there been complete silence from Richard Doubleday?.

Why has he never defended himself?

Yet he knows all about online trolling.

you see Truth and all you lurkers...once you question stuff and give it some thought, nothing stands up , nothing sticks.


So much for Anna Racoons tale....its full of holes and bollocks...yet all you read is "i trust her word" wonder she has so many enemies online.

She sticks her nose into victims of kiddie fiddlers and stirs shit, and is good friends with "Old Holborn" britains vilest troll lurkers.

I know full well her story is one big fucking lie.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rickie's definitely rattled.

Deny, attack, deny, attack. He said it himself "one big fucking lie"

Upton Man said...

Actually I'm Rickie but please don't tell anyone!

Anonymous said...

I believe it. He claims to be dio often enough.

Anonymous said...

Anything to say about Anna Racoons tale?

any comments on all the big holes and flaws in her story?

Anything to say about Dioclese?

how did he find the address?

Maybe you have something to say about their silence and refusal to answer questions about the fairytale they invented?

maybe you have something to say about contacting Doubleday?

Its Upton Man/ Punkape/Cunts Corner/disabled girls or im Rickie no your Rickie mularky.

Time for that again.

divert/confuse/avoid.....christ you are scared shitless of the truth and boy dosen't it show.

come on cunts ..spare a couple of seconds and "THINK" where that address came from.

and then think about Anna Racoons story and Dioclese nothing but "its him".

If you had them together in the same room...Dioclese would point his finger at Anna saying she said it was him and Anna would be pointing her finger saying Dioclese says its him.



you really couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

Then Grandad believes Dioclese and Anna then the cunters think it must be true, then the trollwatch team get convinced...then the lowlifes start making up tales and the lurkers then believe it.

Before you know it...a mob is convinced based soley on others believing it....and serious criminal offences have occured.

There should be proof/facts/and should be shoved down my throat if I was guilty.


Where the fuck is Richard Doubleday when he knows about whats he is being accused of.


You really couldn't make it up.....I will leave blogland shortly after the consequence.

you better pray to your gods cunts Doubleday dosen't find out.

have a nice day


Anonymous said...

"you really couldn't make it up

But you just did

Anonymous said...

'Anything to say about Dioclese? how did he find the address?'

Read his blog dickhead. It's all on there.

Anonymous said...

you better pray to your gods cunts Doubleday dosen't find out.

But he already knows. AR visited him according to you

ISAC said...

@AlfieNoakes @CuntsCorner

"Anyone remember Patroller?"

Yes. We know him well. Aka Dave aka Bane
Not Rickie.
This is an Oirish cunt
Unlike Rickie he gave up trolling us after we blocked him.
We prefer him to Rickie
Brick thick but at least not pretending to be clever like this little shit
Disabled toilet

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed a bit of confusion over at cunts corner since they have been directed to this page.

Is punkape Rickie, king of the shit internet trolls? A few of them are discussing it, some unsure, some adamant that he is not.
No comment from punkape though, and he has been there to read it. Wonder why?

I know you have a different set of morals at cunts corner. You seem to spend most of the time trolling the shit out of each other, which is fine.
But Rickie is just nasty, trolling dying women, stealing people's logins so he can troll in their name, as he has been banned for basically being an annoying cunt. Nothing to do with a difference of opinion, but just him trying to piss people off for no reason.

As for telling you guys about him, it was not looking for justice as some of you have commented on, but to give you some background on the guy. If you are happy enough to have him, great. It keeps him busy for a bit, and gives the rest of us a break from the cunt.

Anonymous said...

A RECAP OF SOME OF THE REAL LIFE ACTIVITIES OF RICHARD DOUBLEDAY. His online trolling is one thing but the allegations of other behaviour is far worse. Hence, the feeling of disgust held by some of us toward him. There is more to follow....

Copy and pasted below:

A cyclist by any other name said...

Those who have been trolled by you will have a far better knowledge of your rants, and your multiple identities.
All of the names used by you , are family names, or names of women that you have sexually abused. this actually includes members of your own family. The names were recorded on your forensic file. It is strange that you continue to use the names of your victims in your posts.
I find it rather disturbing. When you first registered , you used the name Cockaday.You also used an address in Great Yarmouth which was found to be untrue. It was assumed that your confused gender issues were in fact part of your identity issues.

In 2012 Your 52 yr old victim, withdrew her complaint. But the examination revealed some horrific data. The names that you have used in posts since 2012, are Cockaday,Cockcroft and a host of others. in the file are photographs of girls taken from a website. Great Yarmouth Grammar School Society.In the photographs you will find all the identities that you have used. Some are in fact related to you.

Those who you have trolled will be able to see that the names that you have used, are in fact girls from that school, and that some are related to you, and that some are likely to have been victims.

I would also address the matter of your demeanour, or persona. Anna was in fact quite correct. You are in presentation, an unassuming, and mild mannered person. She also has stated ( and this also to Dio ) that you were not what she expected.

I have seen, met, and in part treated you.You are mentally unstable, and with several presentations and characters. You are not, largely obese, you are not tattooed all over, you are not a physical threat to any other male who is capable of giving you a slap. You are a classic bully of people who you perceive to be weaker that you, and you have found the perfect strategy to satisfy your sic personna.

You give the impression of a real "hard man " You have created around yourself an image that would intimidate, and you have created the language and communication skills of a thug.

You are none of these things.

I ( like all the other professionals ) will never know how many have fallen victim to your trolling, stalking and physical attacks. But when I recall all of those photographs , I feel sick, I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

I said to you very honestly some little while ago, that at first, ( when you were trolling ISAC, that I was in fact not sure. But, when you post names such as Beryl Cockaday ( the name you used in one recorded interview ) then I can be very certain who you really are.

I gave this deep thought and I even considered that you had hijacked the identity of an innocent man. I now know beyond any reasonable doubt, that that is not so. In the parlance of ISAC, you sir, are a cunt, a very sick cunt.

19 June 2017 at 13:58

Anonymous said...


A cyclist by any other name said...

"I aint got nothing to be guilty about" I read your 0800 post this morning.....seems you are still in denial. You my friend have a significant past, and it is all starting to unravel. I noted that some others here suspect that you may have been at the Roehampton Clinic. No, Richard was a client in Norwich, Cathedral Lane I believe. His Consultant was Dr Andrew Littlejohn, who has been treating Ricky since early adolescence.

Richard was not deemed appropriate for in care, and that was a costly mistake on Priory's part

I believed then, ( and as I believe now ) that Richard was sectionable. Certainly many wounded people would have been spared.

Interestingly, I note his vehement denials of his true identity remain a feature. Please note as in his post the mention of key family members with abstractions on surnames. Please also note the many inconsistencies. These are all prime indicators of an unstable and volatile individual who clearly cannot cope with stress and challenges.

Anna Racoon was a vulnerable Lady, Richard exploits perceived weakness in females, that was one of his forensic signatures. He likes disabled women and he likes those of a slow mental orientation.

A dangerous man to women. Very dangerous.

Richard was admitted to another unit in January 2012. I had long left at that time, but it was my understanding ( from colleagues ) that this was a sectioned admission.

There will be many more posts Richard, as you hurt my friend, I shall repay that debt.

Anonymous said...


A cyclist by any other name. said...

A backdrop of Severe affective Personality disorder (SAPD) which was worsened by the later use of both class B, and detected use of Barbiturates (P.O.M.)

Recreational use of Dichloralphenazone which is a POM but obtained from contacts in the circle of friends. Rickie was funded locally ( that being at the taxpayers expense ) but clearly he continues to display the characteristics of Behavioural Disorder.

The intelligent casual enquirer will see that, from the creation of a company, to the collapse of that company is a period of only a few weeks. Following a series of behavioral episodes, commencing in 2007/8 The trolling of individuals commenced ( albeit in a small way ) As predicted by the Consultant in Charge, trolling offered the opportunity for "instant self gratification " to which the subjects activities would certainly increase. This has proven prophetic. The major escalations in activities escalated from around 2012 when a fixation was noted in his behavioural activities.

Projection of identity, superimposed upon a targeted individual , or groups of targets is in the realms of fantasist behaviour.

I left 2013 to return to my post in UKBA. I have had no contact with this individual since that time. I am now retired. My personal attack upon this internet troll is in the defence of a lady whom many will regard with respect and with fond memories of her activities. Said lady is a personal friend. That Lady is too dignified to respond , but I am not.

19 June 2017 at 09:19

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