Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's Tough At The Trough!

That Cunt Hoon, as he remains known to the Armed Forces, has chiselled £70,000 out of the tax-payer by a cunning ruse of transferring ownership of a property to his wife and renting it from her as his constituency office, at a rate well above similar properties in the same area.
Sadly, the rules were changed and he had to stop this nice little earner. What a bummer! No wonder he is so crap at his job(s), keeping track of all these rules and ensuring you are not missing out on a dollop of gravy must really require some concentration and focus.

Interestingly, TCH blatantly lied to reporters back in 1998 about the ownership of the property. The only reason that he can have had for lying is that he was embarrassed that the troughing would come on top. So he knew it was morally wrong, or would appear so, but carried on claiming regardless.

The Penguin


banned said...

The eponymous Cunt Hoon leads the Three Home Gang and will be among the first to suffer at the Court Of Public Opinion on Day 1.

David Davis said...

The "Day 1" concept is a Stalinist one, and we ought not to emulate it.

They eraze history, and so everything they start from has to be "Day 1" or "Year Zero". We are the opposite, and ought not to do that.

But we shall deal with him all the same. it will merely be "on the xth day of Monthary, Xthousandnand-somethingty, he was executed, by hanging, from the nearest surveillance-camera-post still not angleground-down and therefore available, for Crimes Against the People."